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MIP System Field Test Results for High Level TPH-GRO

The DI group at Geoprobe Systems® is posting new data from the testing of MIP probes in “High Level GRO”.  This is a companion presentation to the “Low Level GRO” data also available for download.   If you use MIP in your site investigations, these are two very good presentations to have.  Our high range data shows response to GRO in the hundreds of ppm.  At the low level, we are easily seeing sub mg/Kg concentrations in soil.  In both cases we absolutely nail the impacted intervals.  One reason that these data sets are so good is that we took multiple logs to prove the consistency of the study area before performing soil coring in close proximity to the log locations.  All of the MIP data in these studies were collected using the new Geoprobe® combined MIP – HPT tool.

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