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Range of Services for Water Well Rigs Enables Company Success

Expertise of East Coast Service Center technicians to provide common repairs, like top head rebuilds, keeps water well rigs of any make or model running smoothly.

Expertise of East Coast Service Center technicians to provide common repairs, like top head rebuilds, keeps water well rigs of any make or model running smoothly.

A third-generation company in business since the 1970s, Edward Powell Pump & Well Drilling completes water well drilling, pump installation, water treatment, and geothermal drilling. Steve Circelli has been with the basically full-service drilling company for 13 years. This past January he and a couple of other owners purchased the company and are bucking the trends in Pennsylvania.

“A lot of drillers in the area are gearing down, but we’re a growing company with two water well rigs running non-stop,” Circelli said.

To keep their water well rigs in tip-top shape, they’ve come to rely on the team at the Geoprobe® East Coast Service Center (ECSC) in Oxford, Pennsylvania.

“We had them rebuild the compressor on our Schramm 450 last year,” Circelli said. “We’ve also brought the rigs in for minor repairs such as rollers, hydraulic hoses, and electrical portions of the rig.”

In addition to the quality work, they’re appreciative of the team’s experience.

"Dave Harrison is so awesome and has a wealth of knowledge. As soon as you call, he answers,” Circelli said. “I love the customer service there, and the pricing is fair and honest.”

The ECSC has become a key component of company success.

“We definitely wouldn’t be as successful as a company without Dave Harrison’s help. He is an absolute asset,” Circelli said. “He came to our shop to basically conduct a rig school for our new hires.”

During the March training, Harrison went over safety and maintenance of the water well rigs with the drillers.

“We want to keep the guys safe on the rig, so he went over understanding how the rig works and where the pinch points are located,” Circelli said. “We also want to make sure the rig is running the best it possibly can. So he went over things to look for to stay ahead of a situation before it happens.”

The range of services for water well rigs provided by the ECSC paves the way for company profitability.

“They provide prompt responses and quick turnaround on service. They even give us advice on small repairs we can perform ourselves,” Circelli said. “Every day we’re down, we’re losing money. It’s nice to have Geoprobe® East Coast Service Center team we can rely on to get the job done right in a timely fashion.”

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