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Drill Repair Shop Service Exceeds Expectations

54DT prior to repair and paint completed at Southeast Service Center drill repair shop.

54DT prior to repair and paint completed at Southeast Service Center drill repair shop.

For 23 years, Geo Technologies Inc. in Florida, has been providing geotechnical consulting for roadways, bridges, infrastructure, and residential and large commercial projects as well as construction materials testing. Of their half-dozen rigs, two are Geoprobe- used for rapid test soil sampling compared to augering for soil identification.

“They increase our capacity 1.5-2 times over conventional drilling,” Jonny Heath, owner, said. “We can complete 620 feet per day where conventional rigs would be 200 feet per day.”

Having rebounded after some COVID-19 setbacks, they have a 52-person staff servicing all of Florida — from Miami to Tallahassee — from their Ocala office. While they’d gotten good life out of their 18-year-old 54DT, it was time to upgrade that model to make sure it was fit for the road.

 “We can’t mobilize to Miami and have it breakdown,” Heath said. “We’d already received a quote and scheduled the Repair and Paint service with the Southeast Service Center and just crippled along until we just had to do it.”

Following the Repair and Paint the rig looked brand new.

“It was excellently redone. I was very proud to pick it up,” Heath said. “It looked better than I even thought it would.”

It’s also performing excellently, prompting Heath to consider sending in his 6620DT.

“We have one more to send but just can’t cut it loose — we’re too busy,” Heath said.

He appreciates how easy the guys at the Southeast Service Center were to work with, valuing their ability to not only perform the Repair and Paint, but also their replacing hydraulic lines and hammers.

“They’re just really good guys. If they have new Geoprobe® equipment at the shop, they call us to come take a look,” Heath said.

The Southeast Service Center has also helped reduce his overhead expenses.

“We used to stock service parts at our office because we didn’t want to handicap our crews. Now we’re able to schedule it in the Southeast Service Center for service,” Heath said. “Geoprobe® has made catering to us field guys important.”

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