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Distinctly Different DM450

With a 140-foot open hole and casing ready to set, Bush Services of Graceville, Florida, noticed the hole starting to cave in. They quickly lowered the mast and raised the jacks, fortunately the operator abandoned the rig as it started sliding backward — into a sinkhole. The 35-foot wide sinkhole swallowed their rig, leaving the bumper 10-feet below ground.


Engineering on the DM450 makes it "quieter, faster, and easier" for Bush Services to complete residential and agricultural wells with less downtime.

That was early January. During the next month Greg Bush, owner, considered his options.

"I previously had a DM400 and liked it, but was looking for something bigger and newer," Bush said. "I liked the design changes [on the DM450] to make it easier to operate and service."

He quickly rattles off new features on the DRILLMAX® DM450 with many of the improvements directly related to the totally redesigned drill mast:

  • Upgraded head feed system with adjustable rollers, rotary head side shift, and increased pullback.
  • Layout and routing of hydraulic hoses in a secured manner.
  • Dual winches provide a combination of power and speed.
  • Hydraulic system runs cool
  • Truck chassis power for both drilling and faster rig transport speed
  • Quieter, faster, and easier to operate.

"Rod spinner and helper controls make it faster and easier on the driller," Bush said. "It gives the helper more to do, taking pressure off the driller."

With business ranging from residential to agricultural well drilling, from 4-inch to 12-inch wells, Bush needed something universal.

"It does small wells and does big wells just as easy," Bush said. "They took a good rig and put a lot of design thought into it and made it better."

For the couple of minor issues he's run into, Bush appreciates the quick service response and engineer support. Overall he's experienced less downtime.

"I'm proud of it," Bush said. "Other drillers see it and envy it."

Video: DRILLMAX® DM450 Water Well Rig