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Geoprobe® 8040DT: Hollow Stem Augers (HSA)

The 8040DT by Geoprobe Systems® is shown here using the Advanced CB8 Combo Head to turn 8.25 in. ID Hollow Stem Augers as well as 4.25 in. ID Hollow Stem Augers. The Geoprobe® specially designed and manufactured U-Joint can handle the full 80,000 pounds of pullback required for a direct push machine of this magnitude. This method takes advantage of the two-speed high-torque rotation (up to 6,000 foot-pounds) for a wide range of applications that require rotation inluding: Monitoring Well Installation Geotechnical Borings (SPT) Well Decommissioning Installation of Dewatering Wells Conductor Casing Applications and much more.

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