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3230DT Adjustable Control Panel

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3230DT drill rig combines rotary and direct push functions

3230DT Drill Rig


The adjustable control panel of the Geoprobe® Model 3230DT provides drillers with positioning flexibility not available with a static control panel. When it is necessary to help align a rod, the driller can stay close to the drill string. Stepping back allows the driller to stay a safe distance from a spinning drill string or avoid the dust of applications like air rotary. No matter the location, the controls are always at the operator’s fingertips.

As site conditions and terrain vary, the control panel can be adjusted vertically to make operation more comfortable. This allows the control panel to stay at a consistent height relative to the operator no matter the slope of the terrain.

At the end of the swing arm, the control panel can also be rotated for the best viewing angle.

With the moveable and adjustable control panel on the 3230DT, the work environment is safer as it allows the operator to have a full field of view of the rig, the tool string and all helpers. Additional safety features at the operator's fingertips on the control panel include the emergency stop and the operator presence bar. The presence bar locks out controls on the rig when it is not engaged by the operator.

The 3230DT control panel gives operators a flexible rig setup that is not found on a static control panel. It is engineered to make the driller’s job easier and the site safer.

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