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Vertex Environmental Inc. is located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.  Vertex is the first company in Canada to provide direct imaging services in the form of the Membrane Interface Probe (MIP), Low Level Membrane Interface Probe (LLMIP) and the Ultra Violet Screening Tool (UVOST) as complementing technologies for high resolution site characterization and direct imaging of the subsurface impacts in both the dissolved and free phases.  Vertex is also the first in eastern Canada to now provide the Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT). Vertex has also added the powerful combined MIP-HPT (MiHpt) tool to their roster due to the overwhelming data capture in a single push, capturing MIP (or LLMIP) and HPT data.  Vertex provides services coast to coast in Canada and internationally with our direct imaging technologies.  Along with the MIP, LLMIP, HPT and UVOST services, Vertex offers affordable in house 3D visualization of the data collected with the MIP, LLMIP, HPT, MiHpt, LLMiHpt, and UVOST technologies.