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S2C2 has been a leader in developing on-site characterization methodologies and dynamic work strategies central to High Resolution Site Characterization programs since 1998 and has operated our direct-sensing division since 2000. S2C2 acquired our first MIP system in 2005 and has added two more systems since then.

Service Capabilities: S2C2 operates four NJ-certified mobile laboratories, four Geoprobe® direct-push units (7822DT, 6600 Truck, 6620DT, 5410) and three MIP systems. S2C2 can provide the following direct-sensing services: Electrical Conductivity (EC), Membrane Interface Probe (MIP), Low Level Membrane Interface Probe (LL MIP), Heated Trunkline MIP (HTL MIP), Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT), Membrane Interface Probe with Hydraulic Profiling Tool (MiHPT), and the Hydraulic Profiling Tool – Groundwater Sampler (HPT-GWS).

Data Visualization Services: S2C2 has all the tools and experience to provide complete data management and data visualization services for any size project, using EQuIS database management software, GIS, and Ctech’s Mining Visualization System (MVS).  Three-Dimensional data visualization is completed using advanced sub-setting and kriging algorithms (Ctech’s MVS) that allow for true volumetric analysis that can be exported to GIS or a 3D player (Ctech’s 4DIM).  


Matthew Ruf
(908) 253-3200 ext. 16


United States