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Quality Well Drilling Pipe, Fair Drill Pipe Price

Geoprobe® Well Drilling Pipe

Geoprobe® Well Drilling Pipe

When deciding which optional rod carousel to order on their DM450, Joe Dalba, president of Island Geo Drillers, wanted as muchwell drilling pipe in the carousel as possible. So they opted for the lighter, larger ID 3.5-inch well drilling pipe manufactured by Geoprobe®.

"It requires less pump pressure so we're pushing more volume at a lower PSI," Dalba said. "We did a 340-foot hole and the pressure was 180 psi."

When searching to replace his 3.5 well drilling pipe, Steve Simmons, owner of Roy Simmons & Son Well Drilling, learned he would have to purchase through a distributor at a higher drill pipe price to replace with the same brand he’d been using. So he reached out to Donnie Wood.

“I asked whether it could be indexed, and Donnie said ‘yes’,” Steve said. “When they called to tell me it would be a couple weeks before it was delivered, I swear it was there the next day.”

His operator finds the quality of the indexing eliminates searching for flats while loading well drilling pipe. They’ve been using the Geoprobe® well drilling pipe for a year and appreciate its performance and durability.

“It’s 40-lbs lighter per stick than conventional 'light' rod, but performs like heavy-duty pipe while being reasonably priced for drill pipe. It’s good and straight, joints go together well, doesn’t bow out when putting down pressure on it,” Simmons said. “The threads are holding up well. It’s manufactured well and has good integrity.”

He finds the Geoprobe® well drilling pipe a good value for the drill pipe price, backed by quality people who are considerate and listen to their customers.

“I’d buy it again in a minute. It’s good value. You don’t break the bank buying it, but the quality is there. You’re not just getting cheap pipe,” Simmons said. “I have a friend who has Geoprobe® rigs and he said I’d never be sorry if I got a Geoprobe®, and he’s right.”

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