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Drill Pipe for Sale Now Available in Multiple Sizes

Drill pipe for sale in multiple sizes offers increased durability.

Drill pipe for sale in multiple sizes offers increased durability.

Expanded offerings of DRILLMAX® by Geoprobe® drill pipe for sale accommodate different applications performed by water well drillers across the country. Designed as part of the whole system — drill rig and tooling — there's a primary rod for each specific DRILLMAX® by Geoprobe® water well rig. However, the drill pipe for sale is engineered to be able to be used on any rig in the DRILLMAX® by Geoprobe® line.

 "It takes both a drill rig and a tool to make a hole," Mike Carlin, tools engineer manager, said. "We offer a better overall system with ability to react to feedback from drillers on both sides of the system."

Higher-grade material for the mid-body strengthens pipe for increased durability. Engineers also added a stress-relief groove where pin end meets body for additional durability. The radius spreads the load on the rod to increase fatigue life of pipe. Higher hardness tool joints also facilitate longer wear life.

  • Stronger: higher-grade material and engineered stress-relief radius enhance durability
  • Increased Flow Capacity: 30% more on 2 3/8 MR
  • Lightweight: compared to legacy steel drill pipe offerings


 Legacy MRDRILLMAX® by Geoprobe® 2 3/8 MRDRILLMAX® by Geoprobe® 2 3/8 MJDRILLMAX® by Geoprobe® 2.0 IFDRILLMAX® by Geoprobe® 2 3/8 IFDRILLMAX® by Geoprobe® 3 1/2 IFDRILLMAX® by Geoprobe® 2 7/8 IF
Tool Joint OD3 inches3 inches3 inches2.375 inches3.5 inches4.5 inches4.5 inches
Tool Joint ID1.5 inches1.75 inches1.5 inches1 inch1.75 inches2.68 inches 2.125 inches
Weight/20 feet178 lbs142 lbs176 lbs128 lbs198 lbs319 lbs319 lbs

Mayhew Regular — More than 15% Lighter.  More than 15% Stronger.  More than 30% More Flow Capacity.

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Behind the Design - DRILLMAX® Drill Pipe

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