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3.0 X 2-3/8 Mayhew Regular drill pipe in 20-foot length

3.0 X 2-3/8 Mayhew Regular drill pipe in 20-foot length

Weighing in at 30-lbs less than conventional drill pipe yet 15% stronger means the 20-foot DRILLMAX® drill pipe is easier on you and the rig, especially when drilling deeper holes. 

"Typically you have to choose between light weight and high strength, but we were able to do both. Lighter weight results in less wear on the machine, while increased strength gives you confidence in your tooling performance," Kyle Riedel, tools engineer lead, said.

A company drilling 500-foot geothermal holes uses the top head to pull the first three of the total 25 rods because the winch isn't strong enough. With the NEW DRILLMAX® drill pipe, they can use the winch to pull the whole string, ultimately saving wear and tear on their rig.

Higher hardness tool joints facilitate longer wear life and result in a more durable pipe. The 1.75-inch through hole provides more than 30% more flow capacity for efficient hole cleanout when compared to a conventional 3-inch drill pipe with a 1.5-inch through hole.

"The same through hole but less weight means carrying more pipe on the machine without negative impacts to drilling process," said Dillon Sickler, regional rig sales and service specialist.

Designed to work with the DM250 equipped with rod carousel, notches on the end of the pipe allow the rods to rest in alignment on the DRILLMAX® carousel for more efficient drilling.

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