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Rig Struggles Solved Through Customer-inspired Engineering, Solid Support

Geoprobe® support and engineering system helps customers achieve desired efficiency.

Geoprobe® support and engineering system helps customers achieve desired efficiency.

Having run rotary table rigs for the family business, Kyle Neuendorff sought a reliable, consistent, efficient rig when launching Texas Southern Drilling. Neuendorff was able to view the DM450 and DM250 on his visit to the Geoprobe® manufacturing headquarters where DM series rigs are produced. With his company targeting the smaller residential wells, the DM250 was a perfect match.

“When I flew out to Salina, seeing how organized the company was really sold me on going with them,” Neuendorff said. “Talking to engineers who actually listened to me and wanted to implement my ideas was what made me order one.”

Jim Mack Sr of Bandon Well & Pump Company in Oregon visited the Geoprobe® factory in search of the right water well drilling rig for his company.

“I was impressed by the whole manufacturing process. I went on a tour, and they showed me different stages where things are put together. They make everything but the truck,” Mack said. “They showed me where they keep parts on the shelf. You’re not waiting for something to happen when you order something; it is sitting there and shipped out the next day.”

What has surprised Neundorff most since running his new DM250 is the unmatched speed.

“From top head movement up and down, to adding rods from the carousel, to pulling rods back out of the hole — I can’t say enough about the speed. And it’s safe too,” Neuendorff said. “The other thing that surprised me is the capability to easily drill a 7-inch hole to 300 feet without issues. I couldn’t be happier with the rig.”

According to him, the top head movement up and down means he can pull and fill 160 feet of pipe in the carousel in about five minutes. This capability along with the fuel efficiency top his list of favorite features.

“At high speed, the rig burns about eight gallons per hour. This is a game changer,” Neuendorff said. “I can mud drill a 300-foot well and only use about 15-20 gallons of fuel.”

He appreciates the Geoprobe® support and engineering system for helping them achieve the efficiency sought from their company’s inception.

“When I had a few issues getting going, they answered the phone anytime and had me whatever I needed at my door the next day,” Neuendorff said. “I gave them a list of what I wanted to see changed to make the DM250 even more efficient for what I was doing, and low and behold everything on my list was on the new DM250 at the National Groundwater Association show in Las Vegas. They listen to feedback and apply it to their product.”

Kyler Erickson, drilling manager with Associated Drilling in Kansas, also appreciates the open ears exhibited by the team of engineers, who he says are willing to pick up the phone.

“Engineering and service are always open to our suggestions. Some places see it as an insult when you offer a suggestion. It’s not that way at DRILLMAX®[by Geoprobe®],” Erickson said. “They’re always wanting to do better and want to know what they can improve on.”

For Ryan Hadden, operator with Dick Joyce Well Drilling in Florida, their Geoprobe® DM series rig is hands-down a reliable rig, worth every bit of money paid, and “come from good people too.”

“Everyone is focused on keeping you up and running. Whether you need a part or a technical question answered, you will receive support as fast as possible,” Hadden said. “When spending that amount of money, you’re buying a piece of equipment but also the people who stand behind it. With DRILLMAX® [by Geoprobe®] you’re definitely getting your money’s worth in both aspects.”

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small drilling rigs for sale DM250 engineering sets it apart from the competition.

DM250 Water Well Drill Rig

From simple operation and surprising power to fast production with 20-foot stroke, DM250 offers loads of added value all under class A/B CDL.

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