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Groundwater Sampling Methods: Screenpoint Latching Samplers Assure Integrity

Isolated groundwater sampling methods include SP22

Isolated groundwater sampling methods include SP22

Groundwater sampling methods using the latching sampler system allows the operator to deploy a screen point (SP) sampler in the formation and then insert a sampler and tubing down the rods and connect or “latch” to the SP drive head. The latching sampler system groundwater sampling methods use o-ring seals to isolate the sample zone (the SP screen) from water in the drive rods above the SP drive head. Mechanical Syringe Pumps (MSP), Mechanical Bladder Pumps (MBP), and conventional peristaltic pumps can be used as screen point latching samplers.

Latching SP16

The latching sampler allows the user to connect a pump, or other sample line, directly to the top of the downhole SP sampler. This isolates the SP sampler from water in the rod string above the sampler, thereby assuring sample integrity.

Latching SP19

Designed for 1.75 rods for additional durability along with o-ring seal at the rod joints compared to 1.5 inch rods, SP19 has a modified drive head with 59% more area included in the sheath head making it stronger and more durable. Utilizing the latching sampler, connect a pump or other sample line directly to the top of the SP19, isolating the SP19 from water in the rod string above to assure sample integrity.

Isolated SP22

Saving time when doing a lot of testing, the isolated SP22 groundwater sampling methods securely holds the mechanical syringe pump or mechanical bladder pump, sealing the outer string.

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SP22-ISP Groundwater Sampler

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