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DT22 for Easier, Faster Jobs Collecting Soil Samples

Using DT22 speeds production and minimizes strain on helper for a more manageable work day collecting soil samples.

Using DT22 speeds production and minimizes strain on helper for a more manageable work day collecting soil samples.

From their office in Pennsylvania, environmental consulting company Mountain Research Inc conducts geotechnical and environmental work along with asbestos removal. Securing a bid to complete 90-foot samples, they sought a way to complete the job collecting soil samples quickly and easily.

“With the old system we would have to go every 5 feet and pull all the equipment,” Nate Good, operator, said.

Upon the advice of Vic Rotonda, regional sales representative, they chose the Geoprobe®  DT22 system for the 14, 80- to 90-foot holes.

“We were able to do two holes per day. With the old system we might have been able to get one done,” Good said. “DT22 speeds production to get borings and jobs done quicker. We got more done in a much more manageable day.”

The size of the rods contributes to an easier day collecting soil samples.

“DT22 is easier on the helper not having to pull all that tooling and using lighter rods,” Good said. “It’s less strenuous not having to keep pulling heavy rods out of the ground.”

The DT22 detent drive head also simplified the process.

“The screw type drive heads were hard to clean up and we would have to use an Allen wrench versus just pushing the pin in,” Good said.

Choosing to use DT22 achieved their goal of efficiently completing the project collecting soil samples.

“It’s time efficient and we were able to meet the schedule,” Good said. “The clients were happy to get the job done much more quickly.”

New DT22 Liners Twice as Strong for Collecting Soil Samples

Extensive testing conducted by Geoprobe® tooling engineers to improve the strength of DT22 core catcher liners has resulted in NEW liners which are twice as strong and now available on the shelf. This includes MN 235304, 235305, and 235306.

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