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Adding DM450 to water drill fleet doubles customer service offerings. Photo by: Nathan Rials

Adding DM450 to water drill fleet doubles customer service offerings. Photo by: Nathan Rials

Coupling a need to retire aging equipment with a desire to expand their services, Kelly Well Drilling combined all they love about their DM250 with the ability to handle larger diameters when adding a DM450 to their water drill fleet.

“We liked the DM250 and its easy controls and wanted the same brand with similar parts,” John Bowman, operator, said. “We thought we could expand our clientele with the bigger DM450.”

They opted to outfit the DM450 the same as their DM250, but now have the bigger pump for greater depth and larger diameter to complete the 300- to 500-foot, 12-inch wells.

“With the DM250 and DM450, we’re that much more versatile,” Scotty Kelly, owner, said.  “I think it’s an advantage to diversify our fleet versus doubling down on a single model.”

Now they choose their water drill weapon based on anticipated site conditions.

“The DM250 easily gets into places, but when encountering bigger gravels we go with the DM450 with bigger pump. Sometimes you just need more power,” Bowman said. “’Our older rig couldn’t do what the DM250 can, so we’ve doubled what we’re able to offer customers.”

He appreciates the rod spinner to break rods loose and the open deck space to load more tools.

“We’re teaching the guys to run it right now. Drilling is a lot by feel, but training a helper to run the rod loader — it’s like a video game to them,” Kelly said. “They can pull a few levers to get work done, and it’s fun to operate.”

The simple operation and decreased maintenance compared to their older water drill rig has increased morale among the team and their client base.

“Clientele have a sense of confidence when you roll up in a new rig versus something from the ’70s that’s leaking and creaking,” Kelly said.

They’re completing 400-foot wells without trouble and are confident they have the Geoprobe® support system for either water drill rig.

“It’s nice to have one place to call and know they can solve your issues,” Kelly said.

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DRILLMAX® DM250 Overview

small drilling rigs for sale DM250 engineering sets it apart from the competition.

DM250 Water Well Drill Rig

From simple operation and surprising power to fast production with 20-foot stroke, DM250 offers loads of added value all under class A/B CDL.

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