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Battery Maintenance

The battery on a machine, and specifically the connections to it, seems to be one of the most neglected items we see on a Geoprobe® rig. The hydraulics and engine may get serviced routinely, but very rarely do customers take time to clean and maintain the connections at the battery. According to Todd Ewing, Geoprobe® Service Specialist, loose or corroded connections can lead to starting issues in the field. Routine maintenance of the battery connections, and even the connections to the Master Disconnect on the machine can eliminate many problems down the road. A poor connection can lead to lower amperage from the battery getting to the starter, which can lead to cranking the starter too long without it starting, which in turn can burn up the starter or, at the very least, shorten its life. Just remove and clean the connections and reinstall them with some dielectric grease whenever you service the hydraulics. It’s just that easy to eliminate possible problems with your Geoprobe® rig.

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