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"Better information, better decisions" has been the ConeTec motto since the inception of the company in 1985. ConeTec is an international site investigation contractor and the largest CPT provider in North America, operating a fleet of purpose-built direct push platforms including truck and track-mounted, amphibious, heli-portable and limited access units. ConeTec also operates a large fleet of rotary and sonic drilling equipment. 

ConeTec's HRSC program includes van-mounted and portable Membrane Interface Probe (MIP), Low Level Membrane Interface Probe (LLMIP), Optical Interface Probe (OIP), Ultraviolet Optical Screening Tool (UVOST), Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT), and Electrical Conductivity (EC) systems. ConeTec also offers Pneumatic Slug Testing, in situ Gamma profiling and high quality soil, groundwater and soil gas sampling.

Combination tooling available:

CPT/MIP/HPT/EC                    CPT/UVOST/HP                    MiHPT/EC                    OiHPT/EC


Clayton Bartholomew


United States