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Direct Push Analytical Corp. is known as the “Professional Grade” Geoprobe Service Provider which has been tested since 1996 and measured with a 9.35 Customer Service Rating out of 10.00, having worked on over 5,760 projects in 27 different States.  Direct Push Analytical is Nimble and Strategic to Your Success.

 With Chicago and Cincinnati Regional Offices, we can cover a lot of ground.  With (3) MIP setups, traditional & off-road carrier units, we arrive onsite with the tools and knowledge to keep projects moving via redundant systems, a double purge station, and extra pre-strung rods/trunklines, ready for quick change-outs should it be necessary.  Laboratory-prepared and pre-measured Chemical Standards for QA/QC checks; Audio/Visual Conferencing with rapid data transmission enabling in-office decisions; and RTK-corrected GPS fixes via Trimble Unit are part of our recipe for your success.

Currently (4) Track Rigs or (4) Truck/Van Mounted DPA Owned & Operated Geoprobes to use on your projects, depending on site specific and scope needs.  Our (7) Operators have nearly 90 years combined drilling experience!

Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) & Low-Level MIP with Electrical Conductivity (EC) for VOC’s & DNAPL, operated by Geologists or Environmental Scientists.  

Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT) for KValues and better-defined Lithology when coupled with above (MIHPT).

Full array of ECD, XSD, PID, FID Detectors to meet your field operation requirements.

Added services enabling use of separate onsite GC for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis and Chemical Speciation with Parts per Billion (ppb) detection of most encountered contaminants (chlorinated solvents and straight-chain hydrocarbon).


Bryan Kinzer


United States