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Innovative Brownfield Management (IBM Tech) personnel have been providing clients with direct imaging services since 2001. We own three MIP setups that include one ATV mounted GC to reach locations that would otherwise be unreachable by standard motor vehicles. The other two units are mounted in our direct imaging dedicated van. This provides us with a backup unit for dealing with heavily contaminated sites. If fouled by excessive contamination, one GC can be on continuous purge while work continues with the other unit. In order to keep projects moving as smoothly as possible, IBM Tech is prepared for quick tooling changes, repairs, and maintenance. The dedicated van is equipped with a double purge station in case saturation occurs as a result of excessive contamination, and we carry extra tooling strings (assembled strings of probes, rods and trunklines) ready for rapid changing of probes if necessary. All chemical standards are laboratory prepared by a third-party to control the quality of Standard Tests made before and after each boring. We are prepared for audio-video conferencing and rapid data transmission from the field to the client in the office during and at the termination of each boring. IBM Tech is equipped to perform MIP and MiHPT work at a variety of sites such as brownfields, Superfund, industrial, and military facilities. IBM Tech offers additional services to our clients such as GPS location of borings using sub-decimeter correction services, 3D and statistical analysis of data using Rockware® and Voxler® software, and GPR clearing of boring locations prior to installation.


Sammy Sirhan

Lisa Doan


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