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Gregg Drilling and Testing (GDT) provides Environmental and Geotechnical solutions to environmental consultants and government agencies worldwide. GDT provides the most experienced personal and equipment in the industry to support our clients with their projects. Gregg has developed tooling to provide our customers with information needed to identify their soil type and provide an understanding of contaminant distribution and porosity in one direct push advancement. 

GDT Combination of Tools:
2 MIHPT Systems with XSD, PID and FID detectors and 2 UVOST systems. 

Combination of Tools: 

CPT, MIP, HPT, Electrical Conductivity                                       MIP, HPT, Electrical Conductivity
CPT, MIP, HPT                                                                                MIP, Electrical Conductivity
CPT, MIP                                                                                         HPT, Electrical Conductivity
CPT, HPT                                                                                         UVOST, Electrical Conductivity
CPT, UVOST, Electrical Conductivity



Jake Wilson - Northern California
(925) 313-5800

Brian Savela - Southern California
(562) 427-6899


United States