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Spring Assisted Swivel Hoist Plugs Increase Safety

Spring Assisted Swivel Hoist Plug and other well drilling tools make fieldwork simplified.

Spring Assisted Swivel Hoist Plug and other well drilling tools make fieldwork simplified.

Leveraging experience in the geotechnical market developing spring assisted swivel lift caps to maintain winch line tension, tooling design engineers brought similar well drilling tools technology to the water well drilling industry with the spring assisted swivel hoist plug.

Utilizing 20-foot drill pipe with a standard hoist plug results in the pipe leaning and binding threads, requiring the operator to manage the winch tension. The spring assisted swivel hoist plug supports the weight of a drill rod, providing the correct winch line tension when threading tool joints, ultimately leading to a faster, easier, safer job.

"The spring and bearings eliminate the operator having to manage the winch line tension, allowing him to focus on his hands at the tool joint," Quinton Bogner, tooling design engineer, said. "The operator doesn't have to look away from his immediate surroundings to keep the drill rod aligned and the winch line properly tensioned, creating a safer working environment."

Vent holes in the spring assisted swivel hoist plug allow the drill string to drain fluid down hole as rods are removed versus spraying out of the tool joint when unthreading, which results in a tidier job site.

"This feature keeps the driller and his machine cleaner when on the job site," Bogner said.

Additional Well Drilling Tools - Hoist Plug Styles and Sizes - Now Available

SPRING ASSISTED SWIVEL HOIST PLUG in new sizes support the weight of a drill rod for faster, easier rod changing while it also:

  • eliminates adjusting controls to maintain winch line tension.
  • minimizes wear on threads from binding.
  • lessens frustration and strain on operator.
  • keeps operator and job site cleaner.

“It takes the effort out of what the driller and helper have to do, making jobs easier and better. Anytime you buy a tool that makes life a little easier, it’s a good value. Just makes work not so much work.”
— Steve Simmons, owner, Roy Simmons & Son Well Drilling, Michigan

BACKLOADING HOIST PLUG now available to use with DM450 and DM650 carousel when retrieving rod out of rod rack to backload carousel.

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DRILLMAX® Spring Assisted Swivel Hoist Plug

DM650 can be outfitted for air drilling or as mud drilling

DM650 Water Well Drill Rig

Outfit as down the hole drill or mud drill with the power of 28.5-foot stroke, 40,000 lb pullback, and 8,000 ft-lb torque to handle deeper wells along with weight of steel casing.

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Spring Assisted Swivel Hoist Plug and other well drilling tools make fieldwork simplified.
Backloading Hoist Plug

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