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4.5-inch OD Drill Pipe Now Available

Drill Pipe

Drill Pipe

Engineered to withstand the bigger, deeper work performed by the NEW DM650, the NEW 4.5-inch OD DRILLMAX® drill pipe incorporates a high-strength, lightweight mid-tube between heat-treated, alloy steel ends. Wrench flats are extended to 6 inches for heavy-duty breakout wrenches, holding forks, or irons.

Designed to withstand repeated loading and unloading, all DRILLMAX® drill pipe features a proprietary stress relief groove.

"The large groove cut into the back of pin threads increases fatigue life by removing the peak stress risers, which generally see high fluctuations in peak stresses and lead to fatigue cracking," Jed Davis, tooling design engineer, said.

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Behind the Design - DRILLMAX® Drill Pipe

DM650 Water Well Rig

DM650 Water Well Drill Rig

Outfit as down the hole drill or mud drill with the power of 28.5-foot stroke, 40,000 lb pullback, and 8,000 ft-lb torque to handle deeper wells along with weight of steel casing.

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Drill Pipe
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