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What is Geoprobe®?

We are equipment and tooling designers and manufacturers, and we distribute products under the Geoprobe® brand all over the world.  As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of technical drilling machines and tooling, you can count on us to deliver a well-tested, superior product, with consistent quality and designed for optimum performance. Team Geoprobe® is here to develop the tools and equipment you depend on, and provide the service and support you rely on. We equip the Environmental, Geotechnical, and Mineral Exploration industries with innovative ways to work safer and more efficiently, with a focus on collecting the highest-quality information with the most accurate results. 

Geoprobe Systems® is a team of skilled designers and craftsmen sharing the simple goal of producing the best possible subsurface probing and drilling equipment and tools in the world. To achieve this goal we leverage our strong engineering roots and stay focused on designing and testing new and innovative products for our customers.

Our customers describe our equipment as “Versatile, Innovative, Easy-to-use, and Supported like no other drilling equipment” they own.

3230DT Features


Our products

3230DT Features

Our products are known for extracting high-quality soil, groundwater, and rock samples in a safe and efficient manner using direct push, rotary, and sonic methods. We strive to be known as leaders, and purposefully desire to work with the best technical drilling service providers to deliver reliable products along with knowledgeable product service and superior training and support.


Our machines & rigs

3230DT Features

Geoprobe® machines range in size from small, Limited Access Machines that can fit into extremely tight spaces, to large platform/big performance Rotary Sonic Rigs.  We were the developers of Direct Push equipment; machines that ‘push’ tools and samplers into the ground without the use of drilling to remove soil to make a path for the tool. And our Combo Rigs were designed to perform all types of sampling; from soil, to groundwater, to rock, completing the work that two machines have been required for in the past.  All Geoprobe® equipment is easy to mobilize including our largest, full-sized rotary sonic rig that fits inside a 15-meter cube shipping container. Our large sonic rigs have the power to compete with larger rigs, but their size and light weight allow for access to remote or confined sites. They are also fuel efficient. Low maintenance. Low investment. Low mobilization and operating costs.

Compared to other types of drill rigs, our equipment is light-weight with a small footprint and has minimal impact on the surroundings and environment. Geoprobe® machines are mounted on tracks or on heavy-duty trucks

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