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Veteran Drilling is a leading provider of HRSC services on the West Coast. Veteran Drilling has over 20 years of experience providing HRSC services to environmental consultants and government agencies. We provide HRSC services on multiple platforms (CPT, Geoprobe Track Units, Geoprobe LAR). Veteran Drilling is unique in the aspect of providing 1 on 1 interaction on every HRSC project, providing detailed information and explanation of all the data. We provide data visualization on every HRSC project using CTECH’s EVS software allowing our customers to gain a visual understanding of the data.

HRSC Tooling:

  • Geoprobe MiHPT system with XSD, PID and FID
  • Geoprobe Low Level MiHPT System with XSD, PID and FID
  • Geoprobe OIP system
  • Geoprobe Groundwater Profiler
  • NOVA15 CPT system

Veteran Drilling is able to combine CPT with all the HRSC Tooling (exception of Groundwater Profiler)

Certifications: Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise, Small Business Enterprise, Minority Owned Business


Frank Stolfi (President)


United States