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Environmental sampling with 7822DT includes DT22, MC5, and 3.75 OTE drilling tool system with the new Geoprobe® manufactured AWJ rods for cleaner machining.

Environmental sampling with 7822DT includes DT22, MC5, and 3.75 OTE drilling tool system with the new Geoprobe® manufactured AWJ rods for cleaner machining.

Working for his father’s company since age 10, Scott Nelson grew up in the drilling business.

“I worked on and off during school years and during summers before going full-time. I bought the company from him, and then eventually sold it,” Nelson said. “I thought I’d retire, but when I returned to work, I decided I didn’t like working for someone else.”

Now president of SRN Testing Services in Illinois, the company is a full-service construction material testing, geotechnical and environmental engineering, and analytical laboratory. They have a 7822DT doing DT22 drilling tool environmental sampling, MC5, and 3.75 direct push drilling tool system.

“I’ve run conventional rigs, but the 7822DT's compact size and efficiency can do about 90 percent of jobs,” Nelson said. “It has the power, torque, and little footprint with more versatility than a conventional rig.”

Seeking to pick up production in shallow holes versus rotary method, Nelson recently added the 3.75 OTE drilling tool system with AWJ rods to his toolbox.

“It’s a less invasive hole with less cuttings, so it’s cleaner than conventional mud rotary,” Nelson said.

Nelson appreciates Geoprobe® bringing manufacturing of AWJ rods in-house.

“They took an old design and identified biggest problem,” Nelson said. “They thought through the process and figured out how to do it better.”

Geoprobe®AWJ rods offer improved threads for faster, easier tool joints and in Nelson’s eyes, overall cleaner machining. The Geoprobe® focus on producing the best drilling and probing equipment is just one advantage of the line of Geoprobe® drilling tools according to Nelson.

“Knowledge. Help center. Prompt service. Good company values. Caring about customers. It’s the whole package,” Nelson said. “I get joy out of running and operating this equipment. I also get Geoprobe® support with the purchase — 110 percent. From service, tooling, support – Geoprobe® is part of my team. You don’t get support from other companies like you do Geoprobe®.” 

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