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DT22 Detent Liner Drive Head

Geoprobe® has developed an all new drive head for the DT22 Soil Sampling System – making an already efficient system even faster and easier.  A simple push of a detent pin in the side of the drive head followed by an easy slip fit into the liner is all that’s necessary. The spring-loaded detent pin secures the drive head to the liner, which eliminates the need for a machine vice, set screws, and the “push, wiggle, and wedge” method.  

No longer do you have to walk around the rig to the machine vice after every soil sampling interval to replace the used liner with a new liner.  Now, the liner drive head doesn’t even have to leave the center rod tool string, nor does the driller or helper have to walk over to the vice to remove the used liner and install a new one.  This can all be done right at the borehole at the front of the rig.

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