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Direct Image® tools vertically log in-situ soil characteristics such as, lithology, VOC contaminant content, electrical conductivity, hydrocarbon fluorescence, permeability, and various other geotechnical parameters.

These logs made with the soil probe sampler can then be combined to create accurate, highly detailed conceptual site models…the critical first step in any site investigation. Our Direct Image® soil probe sampler systems include MIPOIPHPTEC, CPT, and PST.

Tooling & Instrumentation

Technology Expanded Name Primary Purpose Usage Commonly Combined Sensors ASTM Standards
MIP Membrane Interface Probe VOC detection Separate detection of chlorinated and non chlorinated species, contaminant depth and relative concentration. Used to map dissolved phase plume extents or find source zones. EC, HPT D7352-07 (2018)
OIP-UV Optical Imaging Profiler - Ultraviolet (275nm and Visible Light) Non aqueous phase hydrocarbons by UV fluorescence Fluorescence detection of hydrocarbon fuels and oils. Visible light used for indication of soil color and texture. EC, HPT  
OIP-G Optical Imaging Profiler - Green (520nm and Infrared Light) Non-aqueous phase (heavy) hydrocarbons fluorescing with green light Fluorescence detection of coal tars, creosotes, bunker fuels, residual fuel oils, and crude oils. EC, HPT  
HPT Hydraulic Profiling Tool Relative soil permeability Piezometric head, water table depth, estimated K, estimated GW specific conductance in sands and determination of contaminant migration pathways. EC, MIP, OIP D8037, D8037M-16
EC Electrical Conductivity Bulk formation electrical conductivity Used as a proxy for lithology and for detection of ionic contamination. EC is most often used as an add-on sensor to other logging tools. HPT, MIP, OIP  
CPT Cone Penetration Testing Mechanical behavior of soils Soil property measurements of cone tip resistance, sleeve friction and pore pressure. These measurements can be used to determine soil geotechnical parameters. EC, MIP, HPT or OIP D3441
PST Pneumatic Slug Testing Hydraulic conductivity (K) Groundwater flow rates for estimate of contaminant migration   D7242, D7242M-06

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