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Geoprobe® Exclusive Quick Change Hook


The Geoprobe® exclusive quick change hook and overshot clevis are a quick and efficient way to attach accessories to the wire rope of our eleven hundred and eighteen hundred pound winches.

The standard swivel hook works well for many pulling applications, however, the hook is too large to fit down typical coring rods. A smaller connection is necessary to attach the wire rope to the overshot. Previously, the solution to this problem has been to remove the wire rope and swivel hook from the winch and respool with a wire rope equipped with an overshot attachment. This can be a time consuming process.

But thanks to the Geoprobe® quick change hook and overshot clevis, this transition is now as simple as unthreading a retainer cap.

To switch from pulling to coring, simply swap out the swivel hook for the overshot clevis installed on your overshot, and continue working. It’s quick, simple, and can all be done by hand.

This option is available on the secondary winch of most Geoprobe® model rigs. For operators who prefer a single winch configuration, the quick change hook adds to the versatility of the winch.

For more information on the quick change hook, visit our website or call us at 785-825-1842.