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Advantages of Direct Push Monitoring Wells

Conform to the ASTM requirements.


Geoprobe® Prepacks are ideal tools for low-flow sampling procedures using the Geoprobe® Mechanical Bladder Pump.

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Conventional Method: Stripping the cuttings from the auger and removing cuttings to a waste container. Multiple barrels may be filled with cuttings by this method.

Geoprobe® Method: No cuttings generated; no disposal costs incurred. Probe rods are used to set the prepacked screen monitoring wells. Saves time and labor costs.

  • Produce no drill cuttings
  • Use bottom-up grouting
  • Have small well diameters
  • Cause less disturbance to the natural formation

Why rely on Geoprobe® brand Prepacks?
Geoprobe® Prepacked Screen Monitoring Wells are the most cost-effective method for installing permanent monitoring wells. Why?

  • Used for permanent groundwater monitoring sites across the country. Geoprobe® prepacks have been approved by many state regulators and federal agencies.
  • Conform to the requirements of ASTM D6725-01 Standard Practice for Direct Push Installation of Prepacked Screen Monitoring Wells in Unconsolidated Aquifers.
  • Geoprobe® Prepacks are ideal tools for low-flow sampling (minimal drawdown) procedures. Use with Geoprobe® bladder pumps for collection of high-integrity water quality samples.
  • Available in a variety of lengths and diameters to suit your application.
  • Manufactured using PVC and high-quality stainless steel to assure high-integrity samples. Vibro-filled sand pack is uniform in permeability from top to bottom. Touch it, push it, press it and see... Geoprobe® prepacks are dense and hard, packed into place.
  • imageSaves time and labor costs... filter pack is factory installed. Uniformly densified sand pack will not settle during shipment. No more dropping sand through an auger. It's all here... all in one uniform package!
  • Installation through cased probe hole provides high-integrity well construction and sample quality.
  • Fully groutable design protects the environment.
  • Minimal clearance between prepacked screen outside diameter and the installation rod inside diameter keeps the well screen and riser pipe centered in the well.
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