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Water Well Drilling Rigs

Lightweight and maneuverable tophead drills for the geothermal and water well markets

Built For Your Needs

This video highlights the features on the DM250 Water Well Rig

Built For Your Needs

Each rig we build is unique with many options available for mud pumps, air compressors, and special touch items, to name a few. We specialize in building the rig to fit your needs, and we don’t add unnecessary options to our machines.

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DM250 Water Well Rig Features

Table Assembly

DM250 Water Well Rig Table Assembly

Clearance is provided for up to 12-inch PVC casing. The holding fork and hydraulically operated adjustable breakout wrench make tripping out fast and safe.

Control Panel

DM250 Waterwell Control Panel

The neatly laid out control panel includes engine monitoring, an E-stop, hydraulic pressure gauges, friction control levers for mud pump and rotation circuits, and electronic throttle controls.

Tophead Carriage

Tophead Carriage

The tophead carriage uses rollers instead of slides to provide smoother travel, easier maintenance, and longer life.

Single Rod Loader

DM250 Water Well Rig single rod loader

The helper loads the drill pipe in the single rod loader using helper side controls to operate the jib and winch functions controls.

Mud Pump & Air Compressor

DM250 Water Well Rig mud pump

Multiple mud pump and air compressor options include: 3L8, 5x5 duplex, centrifugal pumps, and 85cfm development air compressor.

Compact Transport

DM250 Water Well Rig Transport

A compact transport size makes the DM250 a good fit for residential work where limited access is a priority.