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Walker-Hill Environmental, Inc.

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Walker-Hill Environmental, Inc. (WHE) offers the most cost-effective direct sensing technologies for High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) or geoenvironmental investigations. WHE can deploy a combined CPT/MIHPT tool string for a complete picture of the subsurface lithology and VOC contaminate distribution utilizing our 20T CPT rig, which is equipped with the state of the art MIHPT equipment, including Low Level MIP (LLMIP).

HRSC Tooling Combinations:

CPT                                                                           (LL) MIHPT
CPT/(LL) MIHPT                                                     OIHPT
CPT/HPT                                                                  HPT
CPT/EC                                                                     EC

In addition to HRSC, WHE is a full-service drilling company with CPT, Sonic, Mud Rotary, HSA, and Direct Push Technology capabilities. WHE has the technology available to meet all the needs of your project.

Chris Hayslip