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Learn about the Geoprobe® Optical Image Profiler (OIP) in the video, articles and resources below. The OIP is an easy-to-use direct push logging technology.

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6712DT direct push drill rig

6712DT Drill Rig


The Optical Image Profiler from Geoprobe® is a simple-to-use direct push logging technology used to investigate sites where hydrocarbon fuels may be present.

As the OIP probe is pushed to depth, a UV light source illuminates the soil and a photo is taken by the built-in camera every 15 millimeters.

The UV light illuminates non aqueous (/aye.kwi.əs/) phase fuel hydrocarbon contaminates in the soil, causing them to fluoresce.

These images are analyzed for hydrocarbon fluorescence in real time and a log is created from the cross-section to help you create a highly detailed site model.

The OIP system simultaneously logs the Electrical Conductivity in order to classify the physical characteristics of the soil.

At any point, the advancement can be stopped and the light source can be switched from a UV light to a visible light source. This allows a visible image of the soil to be captured and is useful in assessing the type of soil where hydrocarbons are found.

This system can be run on any Geoprobe® direct push machine with a 60 series hammer.

Major components of this system includes the Optical Interface Probe, the Optical Interface, the Field Instrument, and a laptop computer.

The Optical Image Profiler from Geoprobe is a simple to use system that can quickly and easily delineate hydrocarbon NAPL (napple) on contaminated sites.

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