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Videos: Geotechnical Drilling Rigs

As an industry leader in innovation, Geoprobe® drilling rigs and tooling help the technical driller excel in an ever-changing environment. Geoprobe® geotechnical drilling rigs are designed to help make projects efficient and safe, thereby saving time and money. Truck-mounted and track-mounted geotechnical drilling rigs are available, including:

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Geoprobe® 3126GT

A stealthy, compact rig that swiftly slides from rotary to automatic drop hammer even to CPT or direct push without having to move mast or machine positions you for increased production and profit.

Geoprobe® 3100GT

Quickly and easily complete the range of geotechnical testing and exceed your previous production levels – even in rock and harder subsurfaces – with confidence.

Geoprobe® 20CPT Press

This flexible mast option with a 20-ton capacity is specifically designed for performing CPT. It’s versatile too, with a quick mount design that allows the CPT mast to be attached to multiple platforms (skid steer, 6712DT).

Geoprobe® 3230DT

Possess the power for tough tasks as well as the finesse for delicate drilling to expand your scope of work with the added advantage of safety features like the hands-free hydraulic head clamp and the adjustable swing-arm control panel.

Geoprobe® 7822DT

No need to concede on rates or production as you squeeze into limited access locations to complete rock coring to groundwater monitoring and with the digital readouts on the control panel, you’ll have your next driller up-to-speed in no time.

Geotech Tooling

Interlocking Split Spoon Sampler*
The sturdy interlocking split spoon stands up to stiff subsurfaces – blow after blow – while the engineered design eliminates gripping with bench vises or beating with wrenches to open. So you spend more time drilling while saving on tooling costs. Patented 2-inch version meets ASTM Standard D1586. Also available in a 3-inch version to satisfy your sample-hungry clients.

Spring Assisted Swivel Pull Cap
No more twisting and straining to break tool joints – saving your arms and wrists – while accelerating how quickly you can switch out rods. Now lighter-weight with improved vent holes making them even more of a geotech tooling asset.

*Split tube soil sampling system manufactured under U.S. Patent 9,551,188