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Sonic Tooling

Geoprobe® Sonic Tooling is made to the highest quality standards and backed by unsurpassed customer service. That’s the Geoprobe® Way. 

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Geoprobe® Sonic Tooling is Engineered and tested for maximum strength and durability by folks who manufacture Sonic Drill Rigs.

  • Continual Product Improvement
  • Exclusive Sonic Tooling Systems (SDT45, SDT60)
  • Innovation to Conventional Sonic Sampling


Geoprobe® provides excellence in the Manufacturing of superior quality rotary sonic tools.

  • Solid Steel Sonic Casing
  • Exclusive Heat Treatment Process
  • Proprietary Thread Design for ease of make-up / break-out


Geoprobe® Sonic Tooling is Supported by the people at Geoprobe Systems® who have served the drilling industry for more than twenty-five years!

  • Unequaled Product Availability!
  • Unsurpassed Customer Service!
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Sonic Tooling the Geoprobe® Way

When we began development of the Geoprobe® Sonic Tooling product line more than 10 years ago, it was with the understanding that we would do things the Geoprobe® Way: we design the product, we build the product, we submit the product to rigorous field testing, and we continually improve the product.

The product is made to the highest quality standards and it is on the shelf. When you call Geoprobe® you can speak to a Sonic Tooling expert who is experienced with tooling in a variety of geologic settings and can advise you in tooling selection and application technique. We are not content to do what has already been done. There is a better way to do things, a better way to design things, and we aim to find those better ways and supply them to our clients. That’s why you can find Geoprobe® Sonic Tooling going into the ground almost every day at Geoprobe® and that’s why you will find sampling systems on this website that are exclusive to Geoprobe®

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