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Sonic Drilling Rigs and Machines

Geoprobe Systems® offers both full-size and mid-size rotary sonic drilling rigs and machines with multiple configurations and powerful sonic heads allowing you to choose the size and power options that best fit your needs.  All parts of the Sonic Rigs focus on safety, efficiency and accuracy in order to help make the job successful. Rig operators also benefit from two main safety features of the Sonic Rigs. One is the adjustable, easy-to-use control system which features an operator presence bar and emergency stop for operator safety. Multiple emergency stops are located around the rig and on the wireless and tethered remote systems. The control panel also features an integrated systems display that provides real-time systems analysis and a suite of built-in diagnostic tools. The swing-arm controls swings freely from the rig and lets the operator be in the position needed to help align a rod or to be at a safe, comfortable distance away from a spinning drill string.

Another key safety feature is a rod-handling system that also increases productivity while decreasing operator fatigue. This powerful system can safely handle large diameter 1.5 m and 3 m rods and casings, minimizing heavy lifting and manual effort. Adjustable angles also permit precise head alignment.

The power for our Sonic Rigs comes from a ten-year researched and tested Sonic Head program before introducing them to the market. The Geoprobe® designed and manufactured patented Sonic Heads are capable of running 10-ft. tooling (the 8250LS is capable of running 20-ft tooling). The 50K dynamic force has the power to advance 4.5-in. to 10 in. diameter tooling. And the two-speed oscillation has the torque needed to maintain rotation in tight formations. The Sonic Head features a centerline side-shift function which moves the head side-to-side so you can work the inside diameter of the rod without moving the foot or without re-positioning the machine. This allows the operator to easily and safely access the dual pivoting winch mast system.

With Geoprobe® Sonic, you can produce more cost-effective holes while retrieving more accurate subsurface data.  You can sample multiple geologic formations, including consolidated materials (rock), glacial till, and backfill rubble. 

The Geoprobe® Sonic Package is inclusive: rig, sonic head, tooling, training, service … everything is designed, produced, and supported by Team Geoprobe®.

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Sonic Tooling

We continue to design and manufacture our own Sonic product line which offers 8 x 10, 6 x 8, and 4 x 6 sampling and our exclusive dual tube sonic sampling and weighted wireline tools. Geoprobe® is the only manufacturing company that offers different sampling methods … in collection bags or liners … in the industry. With our sonic liner collection system, you can view the accurate depths from which a sample is pulled.

We invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to produce the widest array of sonic bits and sampling systems available for the sonic market, from conventional telescoping soil coring to dual tubing and face flush bits for rock coring. Our sonic tooling is engineered for ease of makeup and breakout with no galling or deforming in the thread area.

Our sonic owners know with their rig purchase comes comprehensive training for rig operation and maintenance, and one-on-one, individual training for the use of tooling and the rig.  We also provide the best sonic service support in the drilling industry. When our customers call with a need, we respond.

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The 8250LS Sonic Rig advances 20-ft. tooling for production drilling and has a 24-ft. 6-in. head travel.


The 8150LS Sonic Rig advances 10-ft. tooling and has a 13-ft. 1-in. head travel.

8150 Image


Powerful mid-size rotary sonic rig easily handles 10-ft. tooling.


Powerful mid-size rotary sonic in a low clearance option.