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SDT60 Sonic Sampling

Needing a larger sample? Want productive, efficient time in the field? Tired of handling larger casing with conventional sonic methods? Geoprobe® has developed the SDT60 sampling system… A Dual Tube System that advances our 6 in. casing and collects samples without the overcasing conventional method. The core barrel is advanced simultaneously with the outer 6 in. casing. Our 2.25 in. inner rods remove the core barrel and the 4.3 in. diameter sample is collected into core bags. By advancing the casing and inner rod string together, you achieve an increase in productivity and minimize the handling of casing.

Sonic Dual Tube 60

Key Features

    • Faster Trip In and Trip Out Time Compared to 4x6
    • Outer 6 in. Casing and Inner Sampler are Advanced Simultaneously
    • Continuously Collect 4.3 in. Diameter Soil Cores
    • True 6 in. Diameter Borehole
    • Set 2 in. Monitoring Well Through 6 in. Casing
    • Core Catcher Helps Provide Retention of Soil Samples

Tool String Diagram


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1.25 in. Nylon Ball
MN: 101120
MN: 211280
DT60 Wrench
MN: 208080
MN: 600624