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SDT45 10 ft. Interval Sonic Sampling

The Geoprobe Systems® Sonic Dual Tube 45 (SDT45) is a unique and versatile sampling system that advances an outer casing and an inner soil sampler simultaneously. The SDT45 sample (3.0 in. diameter) is collected in a clear PVC liner providing a high quality representative sample. The 4.5 in. outer casing remains in the ground (cased hole) while the sample is retrieved with inner 2.25 in. probe rods. The system provides optional bits based upon geologic conditions (soils and rock) for more efficient sampling and recovery. The versatile SDT45 system can be used for many applications including, environmental sampling, varying types of well installations, cased hole applications, geotechnical borings, and exploration projects of numerous types.

100 Percent Sample Recovery

“We enjoyed 100 percent sample recovery throughout our drilling project using the Geoprobe® 8140LS, SDT45 Sonic Tooling System and a carbide casing shoe, and without flushing fluids.”
Iain Haycock, Manager, McMillan Drilling Services, Canterbury, New Zealand

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Key Features

    • Capable of Collecting Samples in a Clear PVC Liner
    • Faster Trip In and Trip Out Time Compared to 4x6
    • Use of 2.25 in. Center Rods Results in Significantly Less Operator Fatigue
    • High Quality Sample Integrity
    • Provides Cased hole while working in consolidated or unconsolidated material
    • Bit Configurations for consolidated and unconsolidated material

Tool String Diagram


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