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Rental Systems

Select Geoprobe® DI logging systems are available for rent.  Most of the systems included in our rental list can be effectively operated with minimal training.  The notable exception to this is our CPT rental system which does require extensive training before it can be rented and effectively deployed in the field.  

Systems and instrumentation available for rent from Geoprobe® DI are shown on the list below. 
Please contact Geoprobe® at 785-825-1842 for more information about Geoprobe® DI rentals.

  • EC (Electrical Conductivity)

    A logging system used to determine subsurface lithology through soil conductivity measurements.

  • LL MIP (Low Level MIP)

    An option for low concentration VOC MIP mapping. Detection levels 10x lower than standard MIP logging.

  • HPT (Hydraulic Profiling Tool)

    The Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT) allows the user to create fast, continuous, real-time profiles of soil hydraulic properties.

  • CPT (Cone Penetration Testing)

    Geoprobe® offers a wide selection of CPT cones, seismic cones, rods, adapters, spares, and anchoring tools.

  • PST (Pneumatic Slug Test)

    The pneumatic slug test kit enables the investigator to quantitatively measure the formation hydraulic conductivity (K) over discrete intervals.

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