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Real World Applications

Geoprobe® Machines and Tools Offer Field Solutions in the Environmental, Geotechnical, Mining Exploration and Geothermal Industries.

Back in 1987, Geoprobe® machines were very small and the field applications were few.  Actually, there was just one application: soil gas.  Since then, the development of new, more powerful machines and associated tooling systems has allowed the list of potential field applications to explode!  Geoprobe® customers around the world have gone to great length to tackle many specialty field challenges.  Numerous field applications have been refined by the Geoprobe® research and development team to improve field performance while other applications are customer-specific and commonly include specialty options.  Geoprobe® equipment can be found operating in the environmental, geotechnical, mining, and geothermal industries.  And as new applications are identified, the use of Geoprobe® equipment will expand to more industries and the applications list will continue to grow.

Some Real World Applications:
Above ground storage tank investigation
Aircraft fueling station inspections
Air rotary drilling
Aggregate exploration
Agriculture run off investigation
Alternative fuels exploration
Anchoring systems
Angle borings
Angle hole augering
Angle hole direct push
Animal feedlot soil sampling
Anode installations
Aquifer exploration
Aquifer studies
Aquifer monitoring
Aviation gasoline investigation
Barge sampling
Basement sampling
Bedrock core sampling
Bentonite injections
Biological water contaminants
Bladder pumps
Bottom-up tremie grouting
Bridge evaluations
Bridge replacement
Brownfield assessments
Building vapor intrusion
Casing advancement
Cased hole sampling
Cathodic protection installation
Chlorinated hydrocarbons delineation
Chlorinated solvents investigations
Chlorinated solvents migration pathway investigation
Commercial property assessments
Compaction grouting
Competent rock verification
Concrete coring
Concrete footings evaluation
Conductivity logging
Cone penetration testing
Confirmation sampling
Confirmatory sampling for geotechnical
Confirmatory sampling for injection
Construction drilling
Contained soil collection
Contamination delineation
Contaminant flow delineation
Contaminant migration pathway delineation
Contaminated plume tracking and mapping
Contaminated site delineation
Continuous core sampling
Continuous soil borings
Corrective action investigations
Determining depth to bedrock
De-watering installations
Direct push drilling
Direct push training
Direct push field demonstrations
Direct push sampling
Direct push training
Discrete groundwater sampling
Discrete soil sampling
DOT Sampling
Dry cleaner site investigations
Dry cleaning solvent assessment
Dual Tube Sampling
Earthen dam investigations
Earthquake studies
Electrical conductivity logging
Environmental baseline sampling
Environmental drilling
Environmental investigations
Environmental logging
Environmental monitoring
Environmental monitoring at refineries
Environmental remediation
Environmental soil sampling
Environmental studies
Environmental water sampling
Erosion of berms, banks, dams
Explosives placement
Explosives contaminated groundwater sampling
Explosives contaminated soil sampling
Extraction wells
Feedlot waste containment
Feedlot contamination studies
Field demonstrations
Fill materials sampling
Forestry sampling
Foundations testing
Free product detection
Fuel plume monitoring
Gas station contaminated plume definition
Geo-construction drilling
Geologic characterization
Geologic formation classification
Geologic explorations
Geological field studies
Geophysical surveys
Geophysical data collection
Geotechnical investigations
Geotechnical sampling
Geotechnical surveys
Geothermal drilling
Golf course maintenance
Grab sampling
Groundwater delineation
Groundwater gradient studies
Groundwater interface sampling
Groundwater modeling and remediation
Groundwater monitoring
Groundwater plume mapping
Groundwater profiling
Groundwater sampling
Grouting and materials injection
HSA monitoring well installation
Harsh remediation compounds injection
Heap leach sampling
High-pressure grouting and injection
Hole abandonment
Hollow stem augering
Home heating oil tank investigations
Home heating oil tank removal
Hydraulic conductivity logging
Hydrocarbon characterization
Hydrocarbon detection
Hydro-fraction drilling
Hydrogeological studies and research
Indoor geotechnical surveys
Injection wells
In situ remediation
Jet fuel contamination investigation
Lake bottom sampling
Lake sediment sampling
Landfill cap sampling
Landfill gas extraction wells
Landfill gas sampling
Landfill management
Landfill materials screening
Landfill site investigations
Liquefaction evaluation
Limited access probing
Limited access drilling
Limited access sampling
Liquefaction analysis
Lithology data collection
Lithology mapping
Low Flow sampling
Low turbidity groundwater sampling
Macro Core sampling
Manual sampling
Manufacturing facility plume delineation
Membrane interface probe
Mine infilling and rehabilitation
Mine tailings investigations
Mine tailings pile sampling
Mineral exploration
Mineral prospecting
Mini piles
Mining exploration
Monitoring well development and purging
Monitoring well installation
Monitoring well location determination
Monitoring well placement guidance
Mud rotary drilling
Municipal well field contamination investigation
Multi-cased wells
Multi-level wells
NAPL/DNAPL investigations
Natural gas leak detection
Nested vapor implants installation
Oilfield groundwater delineation
Oilfield mud pit monitoring
Oilfield mud pit closures
Oilfield soil delineation
Oil storage terminal remediation
Overburden drilling
PCE TCE investigations
Pavement cutting
Percussion drilling
Percussion probing
Permafrost drilling
Permafrost sampling
Permanent implant installation
Permanent monitoring well installation
Petroleum contaminant identification
Petroleum contaminated soil sampling
Piezometer installation
Phase I investigations
Phase II investigations
Phase III investigations
Piezometer installations
Pipeline leak detection
Pipeline regulatory compliance programs
Placer gold exploration
Plume delineation and mapping
Pneumatic slug testing
Preliminary infrastructure data collection
Post-compaction cone penetration testing
Potassium permanganate injection
Pre-compaction cone penetration testing
Pre-coring dense soils
Preferential migration pathway location
Prepack monitoring well installation
Prepack screen monitoring wells
Prestabilizing holes for tunnels
Property audits and assessments
Public water supply investigations
Railway contamination control
Railroad spur testing
Railway right-of-way investigations
RCRA facility assessments
RCRA facility investigations
Real estate phase 1 transactions
Recovery wells
Refinery regulatory compliance programs
Regulatory compliance programs
Remedial feasibility studies
Remedial investigations
Remediation materials injection
Residential property assessments
Riverbed sampling
Rock coring
Rock drilling
Root studies sampling
Rural groundwater contaminant detection
Saltwater intrusion
Sand seam mapping
Sand and gravel exploration
Sand and gravel outwash identification
Seawall Investigation
Seismic cone penetration testing
Seismic shot hole
Shallow direct push sampling
Shallow monitoring well installation
Shallow Oil and Gas Exploration
Shallow mining exploration
Shallow sampling
Shear wave velocity measurement
Shelby tube surface sampling
Shoreline contamination delineation
Shoreline sampling
Sinkhole evaluations
Site lithology determination
Slab jacking
Slope indicator installations
Slug pond stabilization data acquisition
Slug testing
Small platform machines
Soil and materials investigation
Soil classification
Soil confirmation studies
Soil delineation
Soil gas sampling
Soil hydraulic properties profiling and mapping
Soil identification and classification
Soil improvement
Soils mapping and interpretation
Soil pH testing
Soil profiling
Soil property measurement
Soil pressure response measurement
Soil sampling
Soil stabilization
Soil vapor extraction
Soil vapor intrusion measurement
Soil vapor sampling
Soil vapor implant screen installation
Sparge point installation
Sparge well installation
Split barrel sampling
Split spoon sampling
Standard penetration testing
Static water level data collection
Static water level condition measurement
Steam injection for remediation
Subsurface analysis
Subsurface conductivity logging
Subsurface fertilizer absorption
Subsurface instrumentation installation
Subsurface stratigraphy determination
Superfund site sampling
Tailings pile groundwater investigation
TCE plume monitoring and delineation
Temperature monitoring equipment installations
Tidal sampling
Tie-back installations
Tunnel pre-drilling
Tunnel verification
Unconsolidated sediment investigations
Undisturbed sampling
Underground storage tank investigation and removal
Underground storage tank leak detection
UST leak detection
UST monitoring
UST site investigations
UST site long term monitoring
Unlithified materials exploration
Uranium contamination plume investigation
Vapor extraction
Vapor intrusion studies
Vapor intrusion sampling
Vapor sampling
Vertical groundwater sampling
VOC contamination delineation
Warehouse  foundation stabilization
Water profiling
Water quality profiling and monitoring
Water supply wells investigation
Water wells
Well screen interval selection
Wet and dry tailings investigations
Wind farm foundation footings investigation
Watershed monitoring
Watershed hydrology
Radon Testing and Remediation

Many of the field applications listed above are unique to specific geographic regions of the world and may not be universally applicable for all site locations.  The Geoprobe® technical support team is known for supporting unique projects with cost-effective solutions.  Contact Geoprobe Systems® today for solutions to your subsurface challenges.  If we don’t have what you’re looking for, we’ll help you find the solution.