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Meet Team Geoprobe®

Team Geoprobe®

At Geoprobe®, providing you with superior service is a priority.  All of our Customer Service staff are available to answer your probing questions and fill your tool orders. If you're having a problem deciding which sampler to use, how to use it, or what to do with it after you've used it, call us! Probing problems? Equipment needs? Parts replacements? Which sampler to use? No matter what the question, we'll help you find the answer ... fast! We have Customer Service staff located in our home office in Salina, KS ... others have their offices in regions across the US. We also have partners across the world. They all work together as a team to get you what you need for your specific project needs.

This is where you find out what Geoprobe Systems® is really all about! Geoprobe® isn't just a name or a decal on a chunk of iron. Geoprobe® is a dedicated group of people with unique ideas and abundant pride! Bringing together varied backgrounds, training, education, and philosophies, these individuals become one, a Team, making up a company that we're proud of. Each person brings a special talent to the mix which results in the development and manufacture of a product your company can rely upon. That's why you can look to Team Geoprobe® for the best machines and tools available anywhere. We are Geoprobe®!

In the Company of People 

Developing and molding a company into the leader of their field is no small task. Maintaining a vision, operating with a plan of action, and setting a goal of providing superior customer service is a great formula for success. But without a solid workforce, visions will dim, plans will fail, and goals will be neglected. We at Geoprobe Systems® believe we have the best people in the industry involved in the engineering, design, manufacturing, assembly, sales, and service of Geoprobe® tools, equipment, and machines. From an initial idea, through the design and testing process, to the presentation of a new product to the market, Team Geoprobe® works together exchanging ideas and mapping out the best way to bring the project to you, our customer.

It doesn’t matter if it hasn’t been done before! Direct push machines were unheard of less than 20 years ago. Pushing sampling tools into the ground over 100 feet was unheard of a decade ago. People at Geoprobe Systems® continue to try things that haven’t been tried before. We specialize in doing things that others haven’t. Geoprobe® direct push machines were initially designed to collect soil gas samples ... now look at the possibilities! All because someone had another idea ....

From fabrication to assembly, from customer service to research and development, the philosophy of Team Geoprobe® is to help each customer succeed. Whether it’s making sure machine parts fit correctly, or that tool instructions are written accurately, every person is key in the scope of a project. Each person brings a distinct flavor to the mix that translates into excellent – sometimes award-winning – products made by a unique company.


Customer Service

  • Tony Bowell
  • Lori Christensen
  • Krystal Church

Kansas Based Regional Sales

  • Todd Courbot
  • Doug Koehler
  • Tom Omli
  • Lee Shaw

Field Offices

  • John Martinuzzi
  • Victor Rotonda

Service Technicians

  • Roman Burrows
  • Todd Ewing
  • Paul Keifer
  • Jason Lindenmuth
  • Bryan Lorenson
  • Darren Stanley

Direct Image®

  • Tom Christy
  • Wes McCall
  • Dan Pipp
  • Troy Schmidt

International Sales

  • Adam McMath