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Mechanical Bladder Pump


The Geoprobe® Model MBP470 Mechanical Bladder Pump offers a better way to meet low flow sampling requirements because it saves money with less field effort!

  • Obtain high-quality, low-turbidity groundwater samples from wells or direct push installed groundwater samplers as small as 0.5 in. ID>
  • Conduct Low Flow, Minimal Drawdown sampling to meet the most stringent EPA requirements for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Read more...
  • Less expensive to use than pneumatic bladder pumps.
  • Used as a portable pump or dedicated to monitoring weimagells to minimize potential for cross contamination.
  • Requires no compressor, generator, or pneumatic controller.
  • Can be operated in simple, manual mode or with a manual actuator.
  • No difference in sample quality when operated at same flow rate as a conventional bladder pump.
  • All metal components of the pump are stainless steel to further assure sample integrity and regulatory acceptance.  The photo above right shows installing the inlet/check ball retained on the lower end of the mechanical bladder pump.



In the photo shown at left, a corrugated Teflon® bladder, housed inside the stainless steel body, is lowered into the well casing of a monitoring well.  Check balls above and below the bladder control flow direction as the inner tubing is moved up and down to expand/compress the bladder.

imageA closeup of the corrugated Teflon® bladder used in the Mechanical Bladder Pump.



EPA Verification Program Evaluates MBP System

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV) recently finalized their performance statements on the Mechanical Bladder Pump developed by Geoprobe Systems®, and has given the company and the MBP high marks. The document stated that the MBP collected representative samples and met low-flow sampling protocol recommended by the EPA and many state agencies. Read more about what is contained in their four-page report...

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