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Making It Easy

imageby Tom Omli, Geoprobe® Customer Service Director
published in The Probing Times, Summer 2005 issue

It Wasn't Always Easy...

Collecting four soil samples in 30 minutes wasn’t always as easy as it is now. In fact, just a few years ago, it wasn’t even possible. What’s changed? And what’s made that change possible?Recently I had the pleasure of spending the day with a new Geoprobe® customer. New customer interaction is always exciting, and this day proved no different. As usual, this new customer wanted to know the “basics of Geoprobe®,” so we went out and pushed tools in the ground. One of the first things we did was take a discrete soil sample at 20 feet below ground surface. Within a few minutes we were holding a soil core for all to see, touch, and inspect. The new customer proclaimed, “Now that was easy!”

That evening as I drove home, I was able to reflect on our new customers’ perspective. Geoprobe® ... easy? I guess so, at least compared to other options for obtaining multiple soil samples in a short timeframe. I think we had at least four soil cores in less than 30 minutes and neither of us were exhausted. I guess that classifies as easy.

Then I started to think ... it sure wasn’t always that easy. In fact, it wasn’t that many years ago that we couldn’t have done what we did in an afternoon, let alone in less than 30 minutes. My mind started racing, just thinking of all the new things that have become possible, and even easy, since my arrival at Geoprobe Systems®.

Sometimes we ask ourselves (or customers ask us), “Why didn’t we think of that before or why didn’t we just design it that way to begin with?” We learn from the products after we (and you) use them. Our engineeers research the need for a specific tool, then, through the ongoing testing and development of the tool, are able to make the tool better.

When you, as a customer, purchase products from Geoprobe Systems®, such as liners, you aren’t buying just a liner. You’re investing in our continued development of the liner; enabling us to find better and stronger materials for producing a superior liner. The same goes for other tooling, such as Macro-Core® tools. The Macro-Core® sampler was a great product when first introduced in the early 90’s. Since that time, Macro-Core® tooling has continuously been improved to be stronger, easier to use, and to be more versatile. Most recently we’ve increased thread strength and introduced the new MC5 tooling. And don’t forget the Hydraulic Liner Extruder, the MC Center Rod System, and the Liner Cutter, just a few of the newer “easy” tools for the MC system.

Some of us aging “Geoprobe®rs” remember tools and machines from our early days when we were pushing rods in the backyard. Back then, which was only a few years ago, our products were the industry standard. Now our Source Book is filled with next-generation tooling ... still industry standard ... designed for faster, easier, and deeper field work. We’ve even developed devices that allow you to collect subsurface information that was simply unobtainable in the past!

imageI appreciate our hard-working Geoprobe® engineering team who continues to bring new and better tools and machines to the table, nearly every week. I also appreciate the support we’ve had from our customers over the years. That continued confidence is a great reminder for us that we’re performing in a way in which you approve. It also means I’ll get to have more new customer conversations where we can use “Geoprobe®” and “easy” in the same sentence.

There are still things that aren’t so easy. Nobody can say what our next generation of tools will look like, but we think with the Geoprobe® brand on them, they’ll make your job easier. So, yes, Geoprobe® Easy is a good phrase to remember.