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LB Soil Sampler (9/16 in. only)

The LB Sampler is a solid barrel, piston-sealed, direct push device for collecting discrete interval samples of unconsolidated materials at depth. The sampler is approximately 30 in. (762 mm) long and has a 1.5 in. (38 mm) OD. The LB Sampler is capable of recovering a discrete sample core 22 in. long x 1.0 in. diameter (559 mm x 25 mm) contained inside a removable liner. Sample volume measures up to 283 mL. 

LB Sampler

The liner is a removable / replaceable thin-walled tube that fits inside the LB sample tube. Liners facilitate retrieval of the sample and may be used for storage when applicable. All this without generating any drill cuttings! In today's marketplace it is primarily used for manual sampling applications.

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Key Features

    • No drill cuttings are generated
    • Primarily used for manual sampling applications
    • Capable of recovering a discrete sample core

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