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Hydraulic Liner Extruder

Hydraulic Liner ExtruderThis tool sure makes life easier in the field. In the middle of a busy day, you don’t need the hassles associated with a stubborn, stuck liner.

The Geoprobe® Hydraulic Liner Extruder is simple to use and can be adapted to most Geoprobe® machines with auxiliary hydraulics. “It mounts to the machine’s side receiver hitches in just a few minutes,” says Dave Golden, Project Lead, “and it’s perfect for pushing sluggish or stuck liners from the Macro-Core® sample tubes.” A two-piece adapter converts the extruder assembly to accommodate larger diameter DT325 sample tubes. “It won’t get every liner every time,” Dave added, “but our customers will appreciate having this device in the field for all of the stuck liners it does free.”

Using the Hydraulic Liner Extruder is simple. A Macro-Core®, DT22, DT325, or DT45 Sample Tube with the sluggish liner is threaded on to the front end of the extruder. As the hydraulic "push" is applied to the opposite end of the extruder, the liner is slowly pushed from inside the Sample Tube and out the end of the extruder.

Macro-Core® is a registered trademark of Kejr, Inc., Salina, KS.

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Key Features

    • Simple operation.
    • Pushes stuck/sluggish, filled liners from sample tube.
    • Adapts to Macro-Core®, DT22, DT325, and DT45 soil sampler liners.
    • Mounts to Geoprobe® machine side receiver hitches in just a few minutes.
    • Mounts on most Geoprobe® machines with auxiliary hydraulics.
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