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Grout Machines Tools and Accessories

Geoprobe® Grout Machines would not be complete without the right accessories!

An Accessory Kit is typically ordered with each grout machine purchased. (Items pictured below are not to scale!) For complete part numbers or ordering information, check with your Customer Service Representative or see the Geoprobe® Source Book.


2.25 inch injection probe
2.25 in Injection Probe
Grouting and Injection Pull Cap
Grouting and Injection Pull Caps
1.25 in, 1.5 in, 2.25 in
Steel Jacketed Hose

Steel Jacketed Hose

More Grouting "Must-Haves"
Geoprobe® Systems carries a full line of accessories to make your grouting project simple. We've listed a couple here to wet your appetite. For a complete selection of the Grout Machine Accessories, request a Source Book.


Grout Pressure Gauge/Relief Valve AssemblyGrout Pressure Gauge/Relief Valve Assembly
Measures line pressure at the pump outlet when the grout machine is in operation, and is used primarily to determine when the tool string is under pressure. Helps the operator time tool withdrawal during the injection process. The ball valve provides a means of manually relieving line pressure after the pump is deactivated and before removing the pull cap from the tool string.


Hopper Strainer


Hopper Strainer
Filters out clumps or solid materials in grout or remediation mixes.

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