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Geoprobe® Sonic Results

Geoprobe Systems® Sonic Tools provide you many options and configurations that give you reliable and consistent project results (including taking soil cores, rock coring, and soil sampling). Whether you’re sampling soils in the Environmental industry… OR needing Geotechnical data for construction… OR, penetrating rock for bedrock wells or Exploration projects… OR you need a cased hole for Geothermal applications… Geoprobe® Sonic tooling provides a wide assortment of options and gives you the cores and results you need.

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  • SDT45 - Soil Transition
  • SDT45 - Granite
  • Sonic 4x6 - Aquitard
  • Sonic 6x8 - Soils
  • Sonic 4x6 - Sandstone
  • SDT60 - Limestone
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