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3100GT – Big Production, Small Package

Ability to switch from continuous direct push sampling, to blow counts, to auger drilling just got even easier with the centerline head side shift on the latest 3100GT geotechnical drill rig. No need to reposition mast or machine.

With a touch of the controls, slide the head to the hands-free automatic drop hammer, or slide the rotary head into position and engage the hands-free rotation – keeping your driller out of the danger zone. Stable mud flow is created by the separate hydraulic circuit dedicated to the mud pump. This eliminates the battle between drilling functions and fluid circulation for hydraulic flow and pressure.

Customers also praise the geotechnical rig for its:

  • Flexibility to take undisturbed samples in cohesive soils
  • Ability to drill effectively in unconsolidated and consolidated formations
  • Versatility to complete array of sampling techniques with a single machine
  • Reliability you've learned to expect from Geoprobe®

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