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Electric Actuator

Electric Actuator

Electric Actuator

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The Geoprobe® Electric Actuator, in combination with the Mechanical Bladder Pump (MBP), allows for the collection of high quality, low turbidity groundwater samples from direct push installed small diameter groundwater samplers and monitoring wells. The 12-volt Electric Actuator minimizes the field effort to conduct low flow sampling by electrically completing the sample retrieval process instead of the field operator doing it manually. The Electric Actuator can easily be carried to remote test sites, and it eliminates the need to transport an air compressor and a large electric generator that might be required if using a pneumatic pumping system.

The MB6120 Electric Actuator allows the operator to:

  • Be free from manual operation of the MB470 Mechanical Bladder Pump for ease of sampling.
  • Set a consistent flow rate that can be maintained over time.
  • Adjust the flow rate as needed (from less than 100 mL/min to over 500 mL/min under suitable conditions).
  • Use an in-line flow cell with the MB470 to monitor water quality parameters for low flow sampling.
  • Operate the MB470 Mechanical Bladder Pump with 1.0, 1.25, or 1.5 in. probe rods and PVC casing from 0.5 to 2.0 in. diameter.
  • Mount the actuator on aboveground or flush mount well protectors.

MB6120 in use


The pump and outer tubing do not move when the Electric Actuator is in operation so there is no agitation of water in the well to increase turbidity or cause loss of volatiles thus protecting the water sample quality.

“There’s no way we could do the same work with manual equipment. The State has been pleased with the results.”
Tom Megna • Environmental Quality Laboratories • Sterling Heights, MI

Electric Actuator Accessory Kit

The Electric Actuator Accessory Kit (MB6120K) includes the Electric Actuator, electrical cords, and mounting for above-ground or in-ground well protectors. Other mounting adapters are available.

Included in the Electric Actuator Accessory Kit:

  • Adapters for mounting on in-ground well protectors
  • Side Brackets for mounting on aboveground well protectors
  • Fasteners for mounting on well protectors
  • 12V Adapters for connection directly to battery or to vehicle 12V accessory port
  • Power Cord


The Geoprobe® MB470 Mechanical Bladder Pump requires no expensive, cumbersome equipment or accessories. Forget about heavy generators, compressors, and pneumatic controllers. This simple, easy-to-assemble pump can collect representative samples for VOCs and other environmental analytes without compromising sample quality. Made entirely of stainless steel or Teflon®, the Mechanical Bladder Pump meets low-flow sampling protocol recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.

MB470 Mechanical Bladder Pump SOP

MBP (Mechanical Bladder Pump) Product Sheet

MBP (Mechanical Bladder Pump) Product Sheet

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