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DT22 Soil Sampling System

The Geoprobe® DT22 Soil Sampling System is a direct push system for collecting continuous core samples of unconsolidated materials from within a sealed casing of Geoprobe® 2.25 in. outside diameter probe rods. Samples are collected and retrieved within a liner that is threaded onto the leading end of a string of Geoprobe® 1.25 in. OD light-weight center rods and are inserted to the bottom of the outer casing.

Geoprobe® brand Dual Tube Sampling Systems are efficient methods of collecting continuous soil cores with the added benefit of a cased hole. Our line of Dual Tube Soil Sampling Systems include: DT22, DT325, DT35, DT37, DT45, and DT60.

No more empty liners! No more nasty surprises! Geoprobe Systems® has permanently fused a core catcher to the Dual Tube 22 liners. The integrated core catcher prevents soil cores from falling out of the DT22 liner during sample retrieval. It's great for sampling in areas of loose soils, especially saturated sands. By fusing the core catchers directly on to the liner it will save field time for operators and make sampling in problem soils less of a hassle.

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Key Features

    • Uses 2.25 in probe rods as outer casing
    • Uses 1.25 in. Light Weight Center Rods for core extraction
    • Collect continuous soil cores through a cased probe hole confirming the security of the sample from cross contamination
    • Optional expendable cutting shoe for use when setting prepack monitoring wells
    • Optional SP22 Groundwater Sampler used in conjunction with DT22

Tool String Diagram


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