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DI Field Contractors

Below is an alphabetical list of contractors who own and operate Geoprobe® Direct Image® equipment and are able to perform some level of direct sensing. They may have equipment to perform some or all Geoprobe® DI services.

Direct Image® contractors listed here have been formally trained by Geoprobe Systems® or one of our authorized representatives on the proper operation of DI equipment. Geoprobe® maintains within the SOP of each system that QA testing must be performed before and after each log by the operator. QA testing ensures that the equipment is operating properly and provides validity to the logs.  It is the recommendation of Geoprobe Systems® that the hiring firm requests current system performance data from the potential MIP service providers to ensure the system is capable of detecting specific target compounds and achieving site requirements.

United States

Serving public agencies and private sector clients, we provide award-winning, turnkey environmental services by applying practical strategies; innovative approaches; and the latest, most-effective technologies to help you improve quality and reduce costs.

If your needs include:

  • Underground storage tank assessments
  • Initial site characterization
  • Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs)
  • Remediation investigations
  • Post-remediation assessments
  • Contaminant mobility and migration pathway determinations
  • Methane detection

Our high-resolution characterization services can help. Our Geoprobe Systems® trained operators (engineering/geoscience degreed professionals) use the Membrane Interface and Hydraulic Profiling Tool (MiHPT) developed by Geoprobe Systems®, with our 2D and 3D data visualization technology, to deliver the expedited accuracy and precision you need.


Melanie McAllister
(720) 259-6242
Website: www.apexcos.com

ASC Tech Services was created in 2007 by a Professional Geologist with over 20 years of environmental consulting experience. ASC’s professionals have extensive knowledge in the design and successful implementation of small to large-scale environmental site characterization programs, which include the use of High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) technologies.

Service Capabilities: ASC can implement the full line of Geoprobe Systems Direct Imaging products. ASC’s field personnel are experienced geoscience professionals, who can assist client field personnel in the implementation and interpretation of HRSC technologies. In addition, ASC can provide professional log interpretation, and hydrogeologic/hydrostratigraphic modeling.

Service Area: ASC is a certified small business located in Sacramento, California. ASC’s service area is primarily in the western US, but is capable of mobilizing to provide services wherever our clients may require.


Eric Garcia, Principal Geologist

BGS specializes in the operation of the following direct sensing equipment: MIP, LL MIP, HPT, EC, HPT-GW and CPT. BGS is the Midwest’s Premier Direct Push Services Company.  BGS also offers other environmental support services including direct push soil sampling; direct push groundwater and soil vapor collection; installation of monitoring wells using direct push and traditional auger methods; remediation; well repair; and utility locating (potholing with air knife).


Mike Ocsody

Cascade is the leading provider of environmental drilling, in situ remediation applications, and high resolution site characterization in the United States. Our vision is to integrate technology, safety, sustainability and human potential to tackle the challenging environmental and geotechnical issues facing our clients.

Service Capabilities: Cascade offers a full array of Geoprobe® Direct Image® services including Electrical Conductivity (EC), Membrane Interface Probe (MIP), Low Level Membrane Interface Probe (LL-MIP), Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT), Combined Membrane Interface Hydraulic Profiling Tool (MiHPT), and Hydraulic Profiling Tool – Groundwater Sampler (HPT-GW). These services are bolstered by Cascade’s collaborative work plan design process prior to projects, data imaging capabilities using EVS software, and Cascade’s ability to support the planning and implementation of remediation projects.

Cascade operates two NELAP-certified (NY, NJ and FL) and DoD/ELAP-certified mobile laboratories. Groundwater quality profiling and bedrock sampling and analytical services are provided through our WaterlooAPS TM and COREDFN TM technologies, respectively.  


Mike Rossi

COLUMBIA Technologies is a world-wide deployable specialty provider of rapid, real time SmartData Solutions® including a complete toolbox of Direct Image® and other high resolution site characterization technologies. We have systems deployed throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. Each of our degreed field geochemists average over 25 years of field geochemistry experience. Our goal is to collaboratively engage with environmental, legal, and property professionals to efficiently and cost-effectively develop, implement, and monitor your appropriate site remediation strategy.


John Sohl

Dakota Technologies provides state-of-the-art products and services for hazardous waste site investigations, specializing in the rapid site assessment of subsurface LNAPL and multi-component DNAPL. We are a leading international service provider of a full and expanding suite of High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) technologies. These technologies are offered on all direct push platforms, including both percussion and cone penetration test (CPT) rigs.

Service Capabilities: HRSC services include

  • Ultra Violet Optical Screening Tool (UVOST®)
  • Tar-specific Green Optical Screening Tool (TarGOST®)
  • Dye-enhanced Laser Induced Fluorescence (DyeLIF™)
  • Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT)
  • Membrane Interface Probe (MIP)
  • MIP combined with HPT (MiHpt)

Dakota also combines the LIF and hydraulic profiling technologies into integrated tools, enabling users to collect high resolution hydrostratigraphic profile data simultaneously with UVOST, TarGOST and DyeLIF data. Our advanced data analysis services are available for all LIF projects, and our 2D and 3D data visualization services support our clients’ development of conceptual site models.

In addition to full service HRSC capabilities, Dakota also provides direct push soil and ground water sampling and hollow-stem auger services using all-terrain and truck-mounted equipment, and is a licensed monitoring well installation contractor in Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Pennsylvania, North Dakota, South Dakota, and West Virginia.


Jim Dzubay

Eagle Synergistic Optimizing Technologies, LLC is a leading national provider of High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) and subsurface imaging services.  Eagle Synergistic purposely owns no direct push rigs, but teams up with your local DPT operators to save on mob costs. Primarily, this ensures that we are “specialized” in HRSC subsurface imaging. We purposely do not have a mixed business model, so we can remain the experts in the field of HRSC and 3D modeling, which includes:

  • Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) with (EC) and (HPT) - for VOCs and DNAPL
  • Low-Level Membrane Interface Probe (LL-MIP) with (EC) and (HPT) – for ppb levels of VOCs
  • Optical Image Profiler (OIP) UV with (EC) and (HPT) – for fuel NAPL
  • OIP – G with (EC) and (HPT) - for creosote, coal tars, bunker fuels
  • Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT) – estimated k values, lithology, permeability indicators
  • Discrete GWS and Hydraulic Profiler - useful for PFOAs and more for transmissivity intervals and continuous sampling

We have extensive experience on sites throughout North America ranging from USTs and dry cleaners to refineries, manufacturing facilities, DOD, and super fund sites. Our “specialized” team includes degreed geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, biologists, environmental scientists, hydrologists, and more.  In addition to our “specialized” field services, Eagle Synergistic also offers in house 3D modeling and visualizations to assist you in more informed remediation decisions.


Janet Castle, President
720-475-0022 WOSB

Equus Environmental, LLC is a full-service environmental consulting firm that specializes in hydrogeological investigations and remediation strategies for both the private and public sectors.  Our staff of seasoned hydrogeologists and field technicians hold professional registrations and drilling licenses in multiple states.  Equus’ multi-disciplined personnel allow us to manage and conduct work at complex sites through all project phases; from assessment, through remediation, and to closure.  We excel in helping our clients understand and navigate the regulatory components that drive a project.

Our capabilities include, but are not limited to the following:

High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC)

  • ATV-mounted Direct Imaging (DI) equipment for greater mobility
  • Membrane Interface Probe (MIP)
  • Optical Imaging Profiler (OIP)
  • Electrical Conductivity (EC)
  • Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT)

Direct-push services

  • GeoProbe 7822DT Track-Mounted Rig
  • Soil, sediment and groundwater assessment and characterization
  • Design, installation, and operation of remediation systems
  • Electromagnetic conductivity soil surveys
  • Regulatory interaction and interpretation
  • Litigation support


Matthew N. Mugavero
(918) 519-9724

Fugro, the world’s largest geotechnical and environmental site investigation company offers drilling, direct push sampling and Cone Penetrometer Testing including ROST, UVOST and MIP screening services throughout the United States. 



Geoprobe Systems® is not a direct image service company but specializes in the manufacturing, development, operation and training of the following direct sensing equipment: EC, HPT, MIP, LL MIP, OIP-UV, OIP-G, GWP1.75, HPT-GWS and CPT.  Our postlog analysis software - DI Viewer will help you visualize your data and offers many features including elevation changes and importing user data sets like lab analytical to view along side your MIP or OIP data. We also offer a full line of drilling machines and tools to accompany your direct sensing needs whether for confirmation sampling, injection remediation or monitoring well installation we have the tools and equipment you need.


Dan Pipp

Gregg Drilling and Testing (GDT) provides Environmental and Geotechnical solutions to environmental consultants and government agencies worldwide. GDT provides the most experienced personal and equipment in the industry to support our clients with their projects. Gregg has developed tooling to provide our customers with information needed to identify their soil type and provide an understanding of contaminant distribution and porosity in one direct push advancement. 

GDT Combination of Tools:
2 MIHPT Systems with XSD, PID and FID detectors and 2 UVOST systems. 

Combination of Tools: 

CPT, MIP, HPT, Electrical Conductivity                                       MIP, HPT, Electrical Conductivity
CPT, MIP, HPT                                                                                MIP, Electrical Conductivity
CPT, MIP                                                                                         HPT, Electrical Conductivity
CPT, HPT                                                                                         UVOST, Electrical Conductivity
CPT, UVOST, Electrical Conductivity



Jake Wilson - Northern California
(925) 313-5800
Brian Savela - Southern California
(562) 427-6899

Innovative Brownfield Management (IBM Tech) personnel have been providing clients with direct imaging services since 2001. We own three MIP setups that include one ATV mounted GC to reach locations that would otherwise be unreachable by standard motor vehicles. The other two units are mounted in our direct imaging dedicated van. This provides us with a backup unit for dealing with heavily contaminated sites. If fouled by excessive contamination, one GC can be on continuous purge while work continues with the other unit. In order to keep projects moving as smoothly as possible, IBM Tech is prepared for quick tooling changes, repairs, and maintenance. The dedicated van is equipped with a double purge station in case saturation occurs as a result of excessive contamination, and we carry extra tooling strings (assembled strings of probes, rods and trunklines) ready for rapid changing of probes if necessary. All chemical standards are laboratory prepared by a third-party to control the quality of Standard Tests made before and after each boring. We are prepared for audio-video conferencing and rapid data transmission from the field to the client in the office during and at the termination of each boring. IBM Tech is equipped to perform MIP and MiHPT work at a variety of sites such as brownfields, Superfund, industrial, and military facilities. IBM Tech offers additional services to our clients such as GPS location of borings using sub-decimeter correction services, 3D and statistical analysis of data using Rockware® and Voxler® software, and GPR clearing of boring locations prior to installation.


Sammy Sirhan
Lisa Doan
Website: www.SER90.com

Parratt-Wolff is a leading provider of environmental and geotechnical drilling services on the east coast of the United States. Since our incorporation in 1969 we have grown into an employee owned company of three offices utilizing over 40 major pieces of field equipment. We currently offer a wide array of services, allowing us to assist in all stages of site characterization and remediation. Current services include: soft dig, direct push, rotary and percussion drilling, well installation, well rehabilitation, injection and direct imaging services.

Direct imaging services include EC, HPT, MIP and MiHPT equipment. We offer UTV and van mounted GC setups for off road access or on road efficiency. With Geoprobe certified operators in each of our three offices and drillers licensed in all states along the East Coast we provide turn-key drilling services from initial site investigation to final implementation.


Danylo Kulczycky “DK”
Website: www.pwinc.com

Professional Technical Support Services, Inc. (Pro-Tech) has offered Direct Image services for nearly 20 years. We own the equipment necessary to execute and support Soil EC, HPT, MIP and CPT projects throughout the gulf states’ region. While most projects utilize single technologies, numerous ones integrate multiple technologies. Our Direct Image services compliment ¾” Slim Gamma Logging services within Geoprobe® rods and small diameter wells. We also own a variety of supporting equipment which allows us to deploy the technologies from various platforms in less than favorable ground & weather conditions.


Scott Bergeron

S2C2 has been a leader in developing on-site characterization methodologies and dynamic work strategies central to High Resolution Site Characterization programs since 1998 and has operated our direct-sensing division since 2000. S2C2 acquired our first MIP system in 2005 and has added two more systems since then.

Service Capabilities: S2C2 operates four NJ-certified mobile laboratories, four Geoprobe® direct-push units (7822DT, 6600 Truck, 6620DT, 5410) and three MIP systems. S2C2 can provide the following direct-sensing services: Electrical Conductivity (EC), Membrane Interface Probe (MIP), Low Level Membrane Interface Probe (LL MIP), Heated Trunkline MIP (HTL MIP), Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT), Membrane Interface Probe with Hydraulic Profiling Tool (MiHPT), and the Hydraulic Profiling Tool – Groundwater Sampler (HPT-GWS).

Data Visualization Services: S2C2 has all the tools and experience to provide complete data management and data visualization services for any size project, using EQuIS database management software, GIS, and Ctech’s Mining Visualization System (MVS).  Three-Dimensional data visualization is completed using advanced sub-setting and kriging algorithms (Ctech’s MVS) that allow for true volumetric analysis that can be exported to GIS or a 3D player (Ctech’s 4DIM).  


Matthew Ruf
(908) 253-3200 ext. 16
Website: www.s2c2inc.com

Stock Drilling Inc. is proud to be the first and only full service Sub-Surface Direct Imaging contractor in the state of Michigan. Through 2012 we have logged over 11,313 feet with our broad array of Sub-Surface Direct Imaging tools and ancillary equipment. Working on many different project types across the U.S. combined with a dedicated full time Sub-Surface Direct Imaging staff and our everyday field use of all current Sub-Surface Direct Imaging tools gives us a distinct advantage for the overall success of your project. Services Include: MIP, MIHPT, LL MIP, HPT, EC, HPT-GWS, LIF UVOST®, Gamma logging, HD Down-hole video and 2D/3D site modeling.


Jonathon Wiley

The staff at Vista GeoScience have been conducting advanced site characterization and in-situ remediation for environmental consulting and engineering firms across the nation since 1986.  We offer the latest subsurface Direct Imaging (DI) tools available for High Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) built into the most robust and portable configurations available.  Vista applies this HRSC data to Remedial Design Characterization and utilization of their advanced In-Situ Remediation application services.  Our services include:

  • MIP, LL-MIP, HPT, MiHPT, OiHPT, HPT-GWP or GWS, EC Borehole Logging
  • Natural Gamma Ray Logging
  • In-Situ Remediation Services; - Clean-Inject Remediation Systems
  • Permeability Enhanced Fracture & Reagent Placement
  • Geoprobe Dual-Technology (DPT/Auger) Sampling & Monitor Well Installation
  • 3D Visualization & Subsurface Imaging Interpretive Reports
  • Active & Passive Soil Gas Sampling with Data Interpretation

With 30+ years’ experience and a staff of NGWA and AIPG certified professional well drillers, geologists and scientists, we pride ourselves on engaging with client’s needs and building strong partnerships.  The client’s goals become our goals and we intend on seeing the project through successfully from inception to closure.


John Fontana
303-277-1694 x105
Jeff Zajdel
303-277-1694 x103

Walker-Hill Environmental, Inc. (WHE) offers the most cost-effective direct sensing technologies for High-Resolution Site Characterization (HRSC) or geoenvironmental investigations. WHE can deploy a combined CPT/MIHPT tool string for a complete picture of the subsurface lithology and VOC contaminate distribution utilizing our 20T CPT rig, which is equipped with the state of the art MIHPT equipment, including Low Level MIP (LLMIP).

HRSC Tooling Combinations:

CPT                                                                           (LL) MIHPT
CPT/(LL) MIHPT                                                     OIHPT
CPT/HPT                                                                  HPT
CPT/EC                                                                     EC

In addition to HRSC, WHE is a full-service drilling company with CPT, Sonic, Mud Rotary, HSA, and Direct Push Technology capabilities. WHE has the technology available to meet all the needs of your project.


Chris Hayslip
Website: www.whenv.com


COLUMBIA Technologies is a world-wide deployable specialty provider of rapid, real time SmartData Solutions® including a complete toolbox of Direct Image® and other high resolution site characterization technologies. We have systems deployed throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. Each of our degreed field geochemists average over 25 years of field geochemistry experience. Our goal is to collaboratively engage with environmental, legal, and property professionals to efficiently and cost-effectively develop, implement, and monitor your appropriate site remediation strategy.


John Sohl

SCG Industries Limited is a knowledge based environmental remediation service provider. Our continual focus on innovation enables us to provide exceptional services in response to our global clientele’s toughest environmental challenges.  Our Clients, have come to trust on our unique experience in assistance with impacted site characterization using MiHPT and LIF. Our Remediation allows us to integrate equipment design, manufacturing, installation, optimization and data analysis.  Through the use of cutting edge technologies, approaches and a wealth of experience SCG provides effective solutions for the management and remediation of contaminated sites. 



SAS is a dynamic young company that is based in Montréal, Québec. They provide the MIHPT service to consulting firms who are looking for high resolution data on their site charcterizations anywhere in Eastern Canada.

Contact them for additional information and availabilities.


Gabriel Laflamme
514 586-9386
Website: foragelle.com

Vertex Environmental Inc. is located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada.  Vertex is the first company in Canada to provide direct imaging services in the form of the Membrane Interface Probe (MIP), Low Level Membrane Interface Probe (LLMIP) and the Ultra Violet Screening Tool (UVOST) as complementing technologies for high resolution site characterization and direct imaging of the subsurface impacts in both the dissolved and free phases.  Vertex is also the first in eastern Canada to now provide the Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT). Vertex has also added the powerful combined MIP-HPT (MiHpt) tool to their roster due to the overwhelming data capture in a single push, capturing MIP (or LLMIP) and HPT data.  Vertex provides services coast to coast in Canada and internationally with our direct imaging technologies.  Along with the MIP, LLMIP, HPT and UVOST services, Vertex offers affordable in house 3D visualization of the data collected with the MIP, LLMIP, HPT, MiHpt, LLMiHpt, and UVOST technologies.


Australia & Asia

Numac has advanced to become a global leader of drilling, demolition, tank removal (ASTs & USTs), excavation, and remediation equipment hire for site divestment and soil and groundwater remediation to professional consulting firms across a broad range of industry sectors.  Untiring customer service, deep knowledge, and a passion for doing it right every single time underpin all that we do.  Our services are offered throughout Australia, Asia, and the South Pacific.

As part of being an industry frontrunner in the use of innovative assessment technologies and remediation, Numac offers High Resolution Site Characterization tools such as MIP and LIF (UVOST™).  Numac personnel have been operating these systems since 2004 and have extensive experience (over 150 sites) in MIP/LIF/HPT logging, QA/QC, and data interpretation.   Numac can also provide 3D modelling of MIP/LIF data to develop high resolution graphics, including cross-sections and plan views of contaminant plumes.


Matthew Hansen
Website: www.numac.com.au


• Sondage MIP
• Sonda ge pour prélèvement de sols
• Forage pour pose de piézomètres (tarière, marteau fond de trou, tarière creuse, Odex…)
Machine Geoprobe® : 6610DT
Couverture géographique d’intervention: France et Europe Site: www.arcilla-sondage-forage.fr

Thierry Daigre, Gérant
email: daigre.thierry@9business.fr
Tel : +33 (0)2 53 78 53 96
Mobile: +33 (0)6 12 42 95 46


• MIP Investigations
• Soil sampling
• Monitoring Wells Installation (augering, hollow stem augering, DTH ...)
Geoprobe® unit: 6610DT
Areas of service: France and Europe website : www.arcilla-sondage-forage.fr


Thierry Daigre, Manager
Tel : +33 (0)2 53 78 53 96 or Mobile: +33 (0)6 12 42 95 46

Our team provides detailed EnISSA-MIP investigations to the consulting community, problem owners or contracters. The EnISSA method uses a GCMS system which is connected to the MIP by an innovative gas sampling system. Individual components can be characterised with low detection limits in the µg/l range. It is possible to qualify and semi-quantify pollutants within the time frame of conventional MIP. Our on-site operators are experienced in the data interpretation and are able to give real-time feedback during a dynamic sampling plan. Typically each 30 cm, concentration data for individual compounds are generated and graphed on-line together with soil structure (EC and/or CPT). This allows the operator to determine the location of the contaminant, the relative concentration and the soil layer in which the contaminant is located.


Website: www.enissa.com

GEOSAN is a Belgian environmental consulting company, specialized in soil and groundwater surveys. Founded in 1989, we are currently active in all of Western Europe. GEOSAN can help you with direct push sampling techniques, conventional sampling techniques, injection services and Membrane Interface Probe (MIP) investigations up to 40 meters blg.

GEOSAN has, among others, an ISO-certificate (ISO 9001:2008) and a LNE-certificate  France). Each of our operators has undergone specialized safety-training, allowing us to work at industrial sites under the Seveso Directive.


Stefaan De Vlieghere
+32 51 33 53 13
Website: www.geosan.be

NIRAS is an international consulting engineering company, leading in the field of environmental services. Founded in 1956, we have about 1,400 employees in offices throughout Europe, Africa and Asia.

NIRAS operates 3 Geoprobe Direct push rigs (DT540MT, 54DT & 6610DT) dedicated to providing high quality subsurface sampling and injection services for our clients as well as other consulting firms. Since 1996, we have been using the Membrane Interface Probe (MIP), Electrical Conductivity (EC) and the basic groundwater, soil gas and soil sampling tools.  More recently, the Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT) and the probe combining the MIP and the HPT system (MiHPT) have been added, and NIRAS was part of the initial field testing of the MiHPT system at a site in Denmark. NIRAS is also offering a mobile lab for on-site VOC/SVOC analysis of soil and groundwater using both GC and/or MS systems.   

NIRAS is capable of working at sites all over Europe.


Anders G. Christensen, Specialist Manager
Lars Prinds Hedegaard, Geoprobe Manager
Website: www.NIRAS.com

Über uns… Die TÜg UMWELT führt als Dienstleiter überregional umwelt- und geotechnische Monitorings im Bereich Altlastenerkundung durch. Unser Hauptfachgebiet ist die Durchführung von geotechnischen Erkundungen der Umweltkompartimente Boden, Grundwasser und Bodenluft. Hierbei werden sowohl konventionelle als auch innovative Direct-Push-Verfahren eingesetzt. Für diese Dienstleistungen verfügen wir über umfangreiche Erfahrungen und setzen zur Durchführung der Leistungen qualifiziertes und geschultes Personal ein. Unsere Kunden sind Ingenieurbüros, Versicherungen sowie private und öffentliche Auftraggeber.

Weitergehende Informationen zu unserem Dienstleistungsspektrum und zur Kontaktaufnahme erhalten Sie auf unserer website www.tueg-umwelt.com

TÜg UMWELT nationally performs environmental and geotechnical monitoring services in contaminated sites. Our main area of expertise consists of the implementation of geotechnical exploration of the environmental compartments soil, groundwater and soil gas. Both conventional and innovative direct-push technologic methods are used thereby. Our experienced staff is qualified and very well trained. Our customers are engineering firms, insurance companies as well as private and public clients.

For further information, feel free to visit our homepage http://www.tueg-umwelt.com or just contact us via email info@tueg-umwelt.com


Central & South America

CAM is a leading environmental consultant in Mexico, now offering Direct Imaging® services with the Geoprobe Membrane Interface Hydraulic Profiling Tool (MIHPT). The MIHPT is the perfect complement for the integrated environmental solutions that CAM has been providing through drilling, sampling, site characterization, in situ and ex situ remediation techniques, geomatic and geotechnical analysis.  

CAM has a fleet of fully licensed state-of-the-art drilling equipment, operated by highly experienced personal.  Additional site services include installation of monitoring wells, direct push soil and groundwater sampling, geological and geophysical environmental studies, and permeability testing.



Hugo Mujica
Website: www.cam-mx.com/

A FINKLER Ambiental se orgulha de ser a líder e primeira empresa Consultoria e Engenharia Ambiental do Brasil a investir em equipamentos próprios de Investigação em Alta Resolução (HRSC), fazendo uso do conceito TRIAD com as tecnologias Direct Image® MIP, HPT, EC e OIP desenvolvidas pela Geoprobe®.

As técnicas de Alta Resolução são um meio para se obter um preciso, robusto e completo Modelo Conceitual do Site (CSM) que permitirá a implementação de soluções que atendam os objetivos técnicos de maneira econômica.

Nossos profissionais combinam o profundo domínio adquirido em HRSC e CSM com o Gerenciamento de Áreas Contaminadas, desenvolvendo projetos, implantações e operações combinadas de técnicas descontaminação em sites complexos, tais como a Remediação Termal (ERH), a Oxidação/Redução Química (ISCO/ISCR) e o uso de surfactantes (SEAR).

FINKLER Ambiental is proud to be the leader and first Environmental Engineering and Consulting firm in Brazil to invest on its own High-Resolution Investigation equipment in Brazil, as well as using a TRIAD approach with Direct Image® technologies developed by Geoprobe such as the MIP, HPT, EC, and OIP.

The high-resolution techniques are a way to generate a more precise, robust and complete Conceptual Site Model (CSM) that allows the implementation of solutions that will achieve the technical goals with financial efficiency.

Our professionals combine deep knowledge and operational ability acquired in HRSC and CSM with management of contaminated sites; developing projects, implementations, and combined operations of decontamination techniques in complex sites such as Thermal Remediation (ERH), Chemical Oxidation/Reduction (ISCO/ISCR) and surfactant use (SEAR).


Sandro Souto
Omar Souto
Cesar Malta