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Concrete Breaker Systems


Need to break a hole through the concrete? Geoprobe® has many sizes of drill steels and carbide-tipped concrete bits to get you through.

  • Drill Steels for GH60 Series Hammers
    48 in. and 24 in.
  • Drill Steels for GH40 Series Hammers
    48 in., 36 in., and 24 in.
  • Carbide-Tipped Drill Bits in various diameters for both GH40 and GH60 Drill Steels



Drive Cap for GH60 Series Hammers (22407)

Contoured flats of the new cap allow for a better fit inside the GH60 hex spindle and also gives allowance for drill steel and hammer misalignment. Fits all existing drill steels for the GH60 hammer. A penny is also included with the new caps to prevent fines from traveling up the drill steel into the hammer.

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